7 Effective Steps To Care Of A Fresh Tattoo

September 07, 2017   1268

It’s essential to follow the instructions of the tattoo artist to detail, but if there’s something that you’re not clear about, or that you’ve forgotten, at OneHowTo.com we’ll explain how to care for a fresh tattoo to ensure that it looks great.7 Effective Steps To Care Of A Fresh Tattoo

The attractiveness of a tattoo depends not only on picking an appropriate design that runs with your identity and style, but also on the tattoo artist’s abilities. The healing and scarring procedure of a tattoo is equally important so it looks strong and appealing, and this depends totally on you.

It’s important to follow the guidelines of the tattoo artist. However, if there’s something that you’re not clear about, or that you’ve overlooked, keep reading the article to know more…

Below given are the steps to take care of a fresh new tattoo;

  1. Care for a fresh tattoo: To make a tattoo, the skin must be pierced superficially to make the desired image. Thus, to care for your newly inked tattoo, you should follow the advice given by your tattooist to treat any damage or wound. This will avoid further infection or any kind of skin irritation.
  2. Wait for few hours after getting tattoo: Once the tattoo has been done, you should hold up between 2 to 5 hours before starting up with the initial treatment.
  3. Wash hands before you start treating your tattoo: To start with, wash your hands thoroughly. And, then wash your tattoo with cold water and mild cleanser with non fragrance.
  4. Use clean and cotton towel: To dry your tattoo, always use a soft, cotton towel. It should be neat and clean. Pat dry your tattoo, and remember not to rub it. And then, make sure to cover the tattoo area with a bandage for at least two days in any event.
  5. Proper hygiene and healing is required: The time it takes to heal a tattoo depends largely on the size and type of the design. The bigger the tattoo is, the more time it will take to heal. But within a week, you can see that your tattoo is healing fully. Appropriate cleanliness and the use of a healing product like topical numbing cream or ointment should be used 2 to 3 times a day, at 8 hour intervals during the first week.
  6. Repeat the procedure timely: To take care of your tattoo, you should repeat this procedure at every eight hour interims for seven days. You’ll see that after a few days, the tattoo will be less swollen and will look much better. If scabs show up, realize this is fully normal and as the tattoo heals, it’ll itch. Try not to scratch as it is a symbol that your tattoo is healing.
  7. Visit your tattooist for proper consult: If, for a few reasons, your tattoo looks reddened or swollen after some time, or it’s very itchy and looks infected, then it’s important to visit your tattoo artist for a check-up to avoid any kind of infection.


  • Don’t try to take out the flake on your own that appears on your tattoo. They will fall off naturally on their own.
  • Try not to use a cream or ointment that has liquor in its ingredients.
  • After treatment, don’t try to go out for a few days. But, if it’s necessary, do apply sunscreen lotion.


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