6 Factors That Determine the Tattoo Prices

September 11, 2017   1157

Learn here the factors that drive the cost of the tattoos.6 Factors That Determine the Tattoo Prices

The prices of the tattoos are set based on the size, complexity, color, detailing and expertise of an artist. Then, delaying the work in the middle of the process can also hike the cost.

In this blog, we will explain such factors that determine the cost of a tattoo. Let’s go…

Size of Tattoos:

A simple line will cost you a dime while a big Samoan tattoo may cost you hundreds of dollars. Well, this is no brainer.Bigger and detailed tattoo requires time, patience and above all skills. Even some small tattoos like butterfly or rose are difficult to make.


Tattoos made with single pigment are likely to be cheaper than their multicolor counterparts requiring details and resources.


Complex tattoo comes with big price tags as they need time, skills and resources. However, you should be alert if a tattoo artist is charging more bucks for making a simple tattoo or just placing initials.


Some body parts like hard to reach areas can be challenging for a tattoo artist to make tattoo. In some cases, they have to sit in an awkward position for hours to get the job done. Plus, they carry a heavy tattoo machine. All these things lead to eye strain and muscle tiredness. So, it is can be justified if they are asking for heavy prices even for simple tattoo design on such areas.

Location of the Studio:

Location does matter in cost factor. For example, getting a tattoo done in tattoo hub like Miami can be cheaper. But getting it done from the only shop in the city may be expensive. Besides, downtown tattoo studios can set the rate according to tax and rent.


An experienced and popular tattoo artist is likely to charge you more. Inexperienced or new tattoo artist may keep their prices low to get customers in highly competitive market. But that doesn’t mean you should get it done from an inexperienced artist just because you want to save bucks.

Moral of the Story…

Big, complicated and multicolor tattoos are expensive while small, simple and easy to make tattoos are cheap.

So, these are the factors that determine the rate of a tattoo. However, you should shop around and negotiate to get it on your prices. But always choose a good tattoo artist.



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