5 Top Tattoo Mistakes to Avoid

September 01, 2017   1206

Read here what tattoo mistakes you should avoid.5 Top Tattoo Mistakes to Avoid

Getting a tattoo is exciting and overwhelming. And it is equally true that it can lead to several regrets related to poor designs and skin damages. Tattoos are made by penetrating your skin with needles to embed ink, making you prone to risks. Secondly, tattoos stay on your skin for 6 years or longer, meaning that you can’t afford to get a wrong design.

To enjoy your tattoos for longer without any regret, here are some mistakes

Mistake# 1: Getting a Tattoo without Considering Workplace Rules:

Not all workplaces are liberal towards tattooing or piercing. They expect their employees to look professional and polished, especially if they are into customer dealing. It simply means that getting a tattoo on visible areas like neck or face can affect your professional life. Or you may have limited career options as tattoos are not accepted by all employers. So, you must read the company guidelines before getting a tattoo.

Mistake# 2: Not Using a Numbing Cream:

Tattooing does hurt as it involves skin penetration with the needle. If you have a low pain threshold, it makes sense to use a numbing cream. You won’t be able to tolerate the process for longer because of pain and discomfort, leading to extra payments due to delays.

Numbing cream like Dr. Numb dulls your pain receptors so that you feel less or no pain during the process.

Mistake# 3: Boozing Before Tattooing:

Many people consume alcohol before to minimize the sensation during tattooing. Well, this idea just backfires as alcohol thins the blood which in turn causes more pain.

Mistake # 4: Not Doing Research to find Good Artist:

Will your tattoo look great? Or you end up with tattoo regret? All depends on the expertise of your tattoo artist. That’s why you must do research to find the right and certified one. Check online reviews, ask your friends and visit the studios to get started in this direction.

Mistake # 5:Not Following Aftercare Instructions:

Aftercare of your tattoos is as essential as the considerations you need to follow before tattooing. Otherwise, you will damage your tattoo design and fall prey to infection and skin scarring. For example, you should not expose your tattoo to the sun as it can fade ink. Similarly, avoid swimming as pool’s chemicals and water bacteria can affect your tattooed skin. Therefore, tattooing aftercare is extremely important.

By eliminating above listed tattooing mistakes, you can enjoy bright and beautiful tattoos without being affected from the risks like scarring and infection. 

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