Shinpharma Inc. imports and distributes high-rating, doctor-recommended topical skin numbing products that guarantee fast and effective relief for dermal pain, itch and discomfort.

Dr. Numb® is currently the flagship brand of Shinpharma Inc., a Canadian company dedicated to innovating solutions for present day challenges in topical dermal pain management. The anesthetic industry has been long existent prior to inception of Dr. Numb®, however, Shinpharma Inc. aimed to reshape the industry into various positive ways, focusing on efficacy, benefits, non-invasiveness, and convenience.

Shinpharma Inc. either Gives the Best or Nothing. The proof still resonates to this day as seen in the product development of Dr. Numb® that commenced in 2008 up to present, in which it has evidently went through a process of building its own history of innovation in pursuit of achieving highly-effective formulas that address the ever-changing needs of people.

Shinpharma Inc. responds to a highly dynamic market in scalable progress. It has allowed Dr. Numb® operations to improve in terms of the quality and capacity of production and accessibility through strategic supply-chain logistics. Thus, Dr. Numb® displayed amazing performance and results while maintaining its resiliency to stay ahead of competition which contributed largely to the steadily growing global presence. Shinpharma Inc. believes that the “world’s biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions.”

Shinpharma Inc. has trademarked Dr. Numb® to protect the brand as it gains recognition and provides contributions in the field of pain management. Shinpharma Inc. first opened its Dr. Numb® market in Canada. Today, the company boasts its expanded reach in 86 countries around the world continuously sharing pain relief solutions and global business opportunities.

As Dr. Numb® line of products widen its scope, Shinpharma Inc. aims to create an impact in the improvement of quality of life and the change in perception of pain. The top priority of Dr. Numb® is to consistently provide a second to none customer experience in terms of accessibility, availability, and reliability of products and services. The consistency over the years made Dr. Numb® establish a reputation of being the Most Preferred Brand for Topical Pain Relief.


Our mission is to innovate and develop solutions for consumers with unmet needs for pain relief and provide health care practitioners with adequate options for dermal pain management. We are dedicated to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in service to the end-users and medical community.


Our vision is to transform the conventional approach to dermal pain management into a cutting-edge solution that effectively numbs the skin to prevent unnecessary pain and discomfort for people with skin conditions and other medical


Integrity—we strive for honesty and transparency in our behavior, activities and other endeavors.
Product excellence—we value innovation and creativity in our work backed by science and evidence-based practices.

Teamwork—we believe that collaborative efforts and shared success will go a long way to promote an ideal working environment that in effect, will be projected on the kind of service the company provides to customers.
Clinical scholarship—our unique approach to clinical investigation aims at addressing the biological basis of pain.