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Dr. Numb - Flu Vaccination Numbing Cream

Have you ever wake up having that feverish, achy muscle feeling? Waking up sneezing, coughing and body weakness feeling? You might think that those are just common cold symptoms not knowing that it is already flu. Flu or influenza gives you this ill feeling that would keep you in bed for few days or even weeks if left unmanaged. This flu could also lead to serious health conditions such as pneumonia and even hospitalizations.

In order to protect people from this flu, we already have influenza vaccine in order to keep you safe from a highly variable influenza virus. Each seasonal influenza vaccine contains antigens representing three or four influenza virus strains: one influenza type A subtype H1N1 virus strain, one influenza type A subtype H3N2 virus strain, and either one or two influenza type B virus strains. Influenza vaccine is given through an injection shot.

Needle fear or trauma is a major problem for people who have it. It will definitely be hard for them to get vaccinations for their protection. It will be harmful in their end because they will not have the natural immunity from the influenza virus. Now a breakthrough combination of anesthetic ingredients for rapid absorption is in Dr. Numb. This product numbs the area that needs to have a painful skin procedure with including needle shot for vaccination.

Dr. Numb is a trusted topical anesthetic that helps numb the area for flu vaccination. This has been used in procedures like tattooing, piercing, laser hair removal and waxing. Dr. Numb is recommended by doctors in derma clinics and even tattoo artists across the US and Canada. So the net time you’ll think of getting vaccinations, immunizations or any other needle procedures, use Dr. Numb!