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Topical Numbing Cream for Blood Donation - Dr. Numb

There are a lot of people who needs blood every hour in order to sustain their lives. Serious ailments that need maintenance of blood supply and transfusion will not be possible if not because of those heroes who donate blood for our brethren in need. If not for the donors then helping other sick people will not be possible.

We would all love to help other people by donating blood. We would love to help other people who need it more than we do but the problem is that the procedure is painful. The needle being used in this procedure is a larger gauge. This is the gauge used for blood extraction and blood transfusion. This for sure will traumatize your skin layer especially to those who have low pain threshold.

Skin procedures nowadays are easily and painlessly done with the help of the best numbing cream, Dr Numb! This is a topical anesthetic which is trusted by doctors across the US and Canada to aid their patients in many painful skin procedures and has been proven safe and effective by the people who've used it. Dr. Numb has the combination of Lidocaine and other ingredients for rapid absorption. The formula in Dr. Numb is powerful, safe and effective for different procedures. This product will definitely help you and needle fear will no longer be a hindrance in giving blood donations.