Tattoo Safety Checklist

I don’t know about you, but when I was looking for information on safety before gettingmy first tattoo, I always ran into the same problem: a lot of good advice, with absolutely noexplanations. Sometimes the professionals forget what it was like to know nothing about tattoos! So this section is designed to answer questions about all that great advice you’ve been given in layman’s terms!

THE ADVICE: Ask to see the autoclave and sterilization certification
THE EXPLANATION: What is an autoclave?

THE ADVICE:Make sure the artist is wearing gloves.

THE ADVICE:Ask about what training your artist has taken and completed. Are certificates available?
THE EXPLANATION: Certificates?

THE ADVICE:Is the artist vaccinated for Hepatitis B?
THE EXPLANATION: Should he/she be?

THE ADVICE:Ointment, ink, water and other items should not be returned to a universal container after it has been removed for use on a client.

THE ADVICE:New sterile needles must always be removed from an autoclave bag in front of you.
THE EXPLANATION: What’s an autoclave bag? How do I know if the needles are new?

THE ADVICE:A professional will destroy and dispose of needles in a sharps container.
THE EXPLANATION: What is a sharps container?

THE ADVICE:Always ask to see examples of the artist’s finished work. Photos should be openly available.
THE EXPLANATION: Please keep this in mind

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