Tattoo Removal

Affordable Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the most well-known option for tattoo removal. Although, many people consider lasers the best option for tattoo removal, for many people laser tattoo removal is not an option as it is not affordable. With the growing trend of people getting tattoos, there comes a growing trend of tattoo removal. And while unwanted tattoos can happen to anyone with a tattoo, not everyone with tattoos can not financially afford laser tattoo removal. The cost of tattoo removal with lasers is considerably expensive compared to other more affordable tattoo removal options. Laser treatment prices must factor in the cost of the doctor’s time and salary, the overhead of additional staff to help run the practice, and the actual price of leasing or owning several incredibly expensive laser machines.

All of these costly expenses are factored into laser treatments regardless of the how small or large the unwanted tattoos are making the process to remove tattoos seem impossible for many people to afford.
Fortunately, another noticeable trend became obvious to laser doctors, an increase pattern in “no show” follow up appointments of first time laser tattoo removal patients. This increase in decrease return laser patients resulted in doctors recognizing laser tattoo removal is not for everyone.

Many doctors now treat patients using combination tattoo removal approach – supplementing laser tattoo removal treatments with in home tattoo fading. The benefits of using WreckingBalm® tattoo removal with laser removal treatments is the ability to eliminate the number of laser removal treatments needed to achieve satisfactory tattoo removal results. Using Wreckingbalm also shows an increase rate of people experiencing faster tattoo removal than with laser treatments alone.

A new tattoo removal trend has doctors suggesting patients use wrecking balm home fading on skin completely intact between laser to speed up the tattoo fading process, and to fade tattoo ink pigments lasers cannot effectively target (such as lighter colors) and remove. For those not familiar with Wrecking Balm it is alternative home tattoo removal system that uses chemical exfoliation intensified by a hand held device-using FDA approved technology. With as little as three minutes per day, three to four times per week for several months WreckingBalm helps to reduce the costly expense of laser tattoo removal, while finishing the removal process of tattoo ink pigments laser removal alone cannot remove. And for all those people with unwanted tattoos that laser tattoo removal is not option due to affordability, WreckingBalm presents a safe, effective affordable tattoo removal alternative to lasers that really works.


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