Tattoo Picture Gallery Index

Welcome to the Tattoo Gallery. This is an ever-growing collection, so I encourage all of you to send me pictures of your tattoos to be added. If you would like to add your own tattoo photos to this gallery, please see the Submission Information Page for instructions.

Tattoo Gallery by Picture Subject

9-11 Memorial & American Patriotic Tattoos

Guide Picks – My Personal Favorites

Celestial – Sun, Moon, Stars

Tribal & Abstract

Celtic & Irish

Butterflies, Insects & Bugs

Fairies, Pixies, Nymphs & Elves

Fantasy – Dragons, Wizards & Mermaids

Hearts & Love Symbols

Flowers, Plants, Leaves, Vines & Green Things

Portraits, People – Human Realism

Animals, Reptiles & Birds

Hot Babes, Lady Devils & Pinup Girls

Cartoon & Animated Characters

Religious – Symbols of Faith & Spirituality

Bones – Skulls & Skeletons

Celebrity Fan Tattoos

Western Traditional & Old School Style

Native, Aboriginal, “Indian” Tribal

Monsters & Creatures of Evil – Horror Art

Water Life – Dolphins, Fish, Sharks, Etc.

Miscellaneous: Most Unique

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