personal experience – first tattoo

For many years, I’d been telling myself that on my 21st birthday, I’d do something outrageous like… get a tattoo (coming from a conservative chinese family, a tattoo is pretty much considered outrageous). Seems like I couldn’t wait until my 21st birthday and now I am a proud owner of a scorpion zodiac on my lower back at the ripe old age of 20.

On the fateful day, I went to a shop called Inkz in Singapore and met the tattoo artist, Jerry. Since it was my first time, I was quite apprehensive and kept on questioning him about the pain. He was very patient with me and told me the pain was “bearable”. He also warned me that this would not be the last tattoo i would be getting.

The thing for me is that I need a friendly tattoo artist. I’ve walked into shops where the tattoo artists are downright snobby and are pretty impatient if you ask questions (especially those pertaining to pain and price). To ready yourself for a tattoo, make sure your tattoo artist is affable and approachable and is ready to explain everything.

To answer the most widely asked question: DID YOUR TATTOO HURT? I’ve read so many testimonials saying that their outline hurt but the colouring didn’t. Strangely enough, i hardly felt a thing when Jerry outlined but when he coloured, I was wincing underneath my brave facade. The pain is likened to that of a needle being inserted lightly into your skin and dragged from side to side inside your skin. Like Jerry said, it IS bearable, but it’s not the most pleasant sensation in the world.

Warning: Tattoos really are addictive.

So much so that i’m going back for my 2nd one this weekend. :)


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