Miami Ink Synopsis – September 5, 2006 Episode

Kat’s been away from her home in LA too long and the Miami heat is getting to her. She’s homesick and depressed, so she decides to go to the beach for a while and try to chill out.

Victoria and Jessica have been in love since the moment they met online two years ago. They’ve decided to have Ami give them matching tattoos to commemorate their anniversary. He does a simple but attractive spray of stars on each of their ankles.

Valentina arrives for her appointment with Darren. She’s been in the U.S. for seven years from Mexico, and is still anxiously awaiting her letter of citizenship. She’s come in for a tattoo to signify her dream of immigration – Ami’s commentary says she chooses cherry blossoms to represent the shortness of life, but the picture she brought in and the flower Darren tattooed on her was clearly an orchid. The other two flowers she got were a hibiscus for love and beauty and a violet for virtue. It’s a very large tattoo down the length of her back so she has it done in two sittings.

Chris sees Ami for his first tattoo. He loves the ocean and surfing and wants a tattoo to represent his connection to the sea. He asks Ami for realistic waves, but Ami says his style is more Asian-inspired, which Chris agrees to. Ami stretches beyond his personal boundaries by adding color to the waves he normally prefers to do in black and gray.

Darren takes Kat out to breakfast and tries to cheer her up. She confides that she feels really out of place in Miami with her dark hair, goth style and numerous tattoos – not the typical image of the Miami Beach girl. They show a clip of her walking down the street and people point, smile and whisper as she goes by – of course, they fail to mention that this could be because she’s famous, not because they think she’s odd.

Brackston wants a portrait of his brother who passed away in 2001. When their parents divorced, his brother took over the role of father and role model for Brackston and although he loved his brother very much, it’s obvious that he’s disappointed for the decision he made to drink and drive which took his life. He uses this as an opportunity to spread awareness about drunk driving. Kat stretches beyond her personal comfort level to change the original portrait by removing the braces and changing the clothing he was wearing.

Diana is the woman we all heard about selling her Virgin Mary grilled cheese to a casino for $28,000. She’s got the sandwich preserved in a shadow box and brings it in. She wants a reproduction of the image as a tattoo on her chest. Kat’s mostly impressed that after all these years, the sandwich is still intact and not rotted! Again Kat stretches beyond her boundaries by adding color to the image.

Kat’s on the phone with her friend Rhian and trying to get advice on what to do. She’s not happy in Miami and thinking of quitting. Rhian, along with other friends Linda and Connie, fly in to Miami to surprise Kat. After giving her lots of encouragement, Kat is convinced to stay in Miami for now.

Yoji needs a babysitter so he can take Bridgette out for a surprise lunch and asks Ami and Darren to take Sidney for the day. Darren is in the middle of a tattoo when they drop Sidney off, so “Uncle Ami” takes her by himself. Yoji says he wouldn’t trust just any babysitter, but he trusts Ami, and Sidney really seems to like the guy. Go figure.

Adam comes in and asks Darren to design a dragon guarding two flowers – the flowers representing the birth months of his children. He wasn’t ready to be a father when his first one came around, but he has grown up a lot since then and realizes his children are his life. Darren doesn’t usually do dragons – that’s Ami’s specialty. But he stretches out to do this project, with a little assistance from Ami on the drawing. He does a stunning job on the tattoo, proving again that they are capable of much more than just what is in their comfort zone.

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