Miami Ink Synopsis – May 9, 2006 – Best Tatts: The Nuñez Special

While the past episodes of the Best Tatts series have focused mostly on tattoos and the interesting life stories of the clients, the Nuñez special – predictably – was more focused on the beautiful ladies he tattooed.

Karla – wants a tattoo of a lion with Medusa hair, but she isn’t willing to go large on the tattoo for the sake of detail, so Nuñez convinces her to go with something more basic. While being tattooed, she says she was banned from family picnics for 2 years after getting her first tattoo, and informs Chris that her mother is going to hate him, so he makes a public apology to “Mom”, because he’s not out to upset anyone.

Josh – the client that served as a reality check for Nuñez. He came in for a phoenix tattoo because the symbolism of rising up from the ashes was true to his own story of coming from a background of homelessness and addiction. Chris says he’s happy Josh will be coming back for more work.

Yazyth – a club dancer friend of Chris. This is the girl that whined when Chris tried to encourage her to take some time to think about her tattoo since she kept changing her mind. She insisted that if she didn’t do it that day, she’d never do it all all. However, Chris says that after all the whining and pouting he expected her to be a nightmare to tattoo, but she actually sat stock still and didn’t complain one bit.

Anna – a bartender and friend of Chris’s from the bar next door. She’s a recovering addict and has been clean and sober for just over a year, and she wanted a tattoo of the Hindu God, Ganesh. It’s a large tattoo that had to be done in 3 sessions, some of which was done after pulling a long shift at work, so it was painful and difficult for her to endure, which Chris explains can happen when you’re already tapped out physically.

Caroline – had complications during her pregnancies and is grateful to have three healthy children. She originally wanted tribal, but Chris talks her into something much more personal – a tattoo of her eyes reflecting in a rear-view mirror with fuzzy dice hanging down. Nuñez says he appreciates it when a client is open to suggestions instead of being stuck on an idea he really doesn’t think will work or they may regret down the road.

Chris – a small man with a huge heart. Chris is a motivational speaker and has traveled all around teaching kids the three D’s – dedication, determination and desire (to be a friend). He gets a script tattoo with these words, so the kids can see just how dedicated his is to his purpose. Nuñez says he admires Chris for what he does and was proud to have met him.

Deanna – Nuñez’s first crying client. Chris thought he was going to get a treat when she walked in the door because she was so pretty. Just goes to prove that looks are not everything. She whined and shed actual tears through her tiny little Kanji tattoo. Chris says he felt bad about this because he really doesn’t like to put anyone in pain and it makes it difficult to concentrate.

McLaine – came to Nuñez for a healing tattoo. When she was younger, she had an eating disorder and injured herself by cutting. Now she wanted to cover up some of her scars with something beautiful, and Chris creates a colorful flower on her stomach. He says that he is there to do his job, not pass judgment on his clients. Some of them like to share their stories and he’s willing to listen.

Trista – Nuñez says beautiful ladies are a perk of working in the shop, and apparently Trista was very perky. They didn’t even bother to talk about the tattoo he did on her, but highlighted the fact that Trista thought his bad-boy image was hot and Chris left the shop to have lunch with her. Chris says they are good friends now.

Stacy – the North Carolina farm girl. She talks about her love for her father and she gets two koi fish to represent both of them. She says she’s a bikini model who also drives tractors, so Chris can’t resist asking her to send him a picture of her in a bikini on a tractor, which she does. Nuñez can’t stop grinning about this one and saying how excited he was to get the photos.

Cristina – Nuñez’s own sister and he hasn’t seen her in 8 years. Chris says Cristina is as close to Martha Stewart (minus the jail time) as you can get – and he’s shocked when she says she wants a tattoo. She chooses Polynesian lovebirds and talks about how excited she is to have her brother giving her her first tattoo, and how much her kids love “Uncle Christopher”. Nuñez says he was really glad to do the tattoo and that she now carries a piece of him wherever she goes.

Joan – Chris’s mom! She was in the shop visiting one day and he asks her to give him a tattoo. On reflection, he marvels how his mom isn’t scared easily and jumped at the opportunity. She digs in and tattoos the word “Mom” on Chris’s leg, even making him flinch. She laughs and says this is payback for all the bad things he did that she didn’t get to punish him for. He says it’s one of the most special tattoos he wears.

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