Miami Ink Summary – August 29, 2006

In the opening scene of the show, Kat is talking about the lack of good chairs in the shop for both the clients and the artists. With all of the money they’re bringing in now, there is no excuse for the cheap swivel chairs. They need to spend some money to upgrade and provide a better experience, especially for their customers.

Anthony Bourdain is a famous traveling chef and best-selling author. He happens to be a fan of Garver’s work and wants a tattoo from the skullmaster himself. The tattoo on his left shoulder is an Ouroboros, which he feels is too optimistic for his tastes and wants a skull on the opposite shoulder to balance it out.

Garver wakes up with his neck and shoulder all out of whack, so he goes to see a chiropractor. He gets x-rayed and finds out he has a curve on his neck and his job aggravates the problem because he hunches over the chair. The doctor says if he doesn’t make some changes in his posture and position while working, his tattooing days are numbered. For the time being, he needs to take the day off from tattooing to allow time to heal.

Edwin wants portrait of his mom from Kat. His mom passed away in January from lung cancer and they had always been very close. He watched her hair fall out and her health fail steadily until she passed. Kat tattoos her portrait with angel wings on his arm and the words “Forever in my heart” underneath it.

Since Garver can’t do his tattoo, when his appointment arrives, Ami is the only one not working, and he throws a tantrum because the tattoo is a cross and rosary and he is Jewish. Garver reminds Ami that he has done the Star of David before even though he isn’t Jewish and Ami says that’s great for Garver but he’s not like that. The customer is standing there while Ami is cussing and having a fit about this tattoo – why she didn’t just walk out is beyond me. Garver finally offers to tattoo her the following day if she can come back, seeing as she flew all the way from Massachusetts just to get tattooed by him. Laura comes back the next day and is very happy that Garver is feeling better, but after sketching her tattoo he’s in pain again. Kat offers to do the tattoo now. Laura’s fine about Kat doing the tat – at least she isn’t throwing a hissy fit. She gets the cross and rose charm on her foot with the rosary going around her ankle.

Four practically naked blonde girls with walk into the shop. Summer has a very bad English accent (fake?) and wants a little star tattoo from Nunez. Of course he is happy to oblige if he could get his eyes off her chest. Nunez says it was distracting because she kept letting him kiss her neck, which of course he doesn’t object to so he’s there slobbering all over her neck while giving her the tattoo. This was a truly disgusting and unprofessional display that would never be acceptable in a professional shop.

Adam comes in the shop in a wheelchair because of a spinal cord injury from a snowmobile accident in 1999. His goal is to walk again and he wants a tattoo that symbolizes that. He’s thinking koi fish and a dragon, but then Ami tells him about a Koi dragon – a koi fish actually evolving into a dragon. Freehands in marker on his arm and then tattoos it. They don’t do the whole tattoo in one sitting, so Ami tells Adam he’ll see him in about two weeks, but Adam ended up in the hospital having to have a couple of surgeries. So about a month later, he gets a day pass from the hospital and gets a ride to the shop in an ambulance and Ami tattoos him right there on the ambulance gurney.

The crew may have found their shop manager. A friend named Lee who has filled in to help them out in the past. He’s known most of them for a while and knows the ins and outs of the shop and how tattoos work. But now as an applicant he’ll have to show he can handle any kind of situation. And the first thing Nunez wants him to do is blow off his next client and tell him that he’s sick or something because he has a date. More professional behavior on the part of Nunez.

Chad is a firefighter and former police officer and member of the SWAT team. He wants Darren to do anime style SWAT and firefighter pinups and 9-11 tribute all in one. Darren draws up the tattoo exactly as Chad wants it and tattoos it on his arm.

Garver’s been away from tattooing for a week, so Ami calls him in to surprise him with a reclining padded table/chair to hopefully make him more comfortable. Garver loves it, but I believe the chair is more for the customer than Garver, but it will keep him from having to hunch over to reach the customer, which should be kinder to his back and shoulders.

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