Miami Ink Summary – August 22, 2006 Episode

The show starts with Kat going crazy in a bar. Nunez is narrating and says the guys don’t have the time or energy to be partying heavy anymore. Garver says Kat’s about 10 years younger than the rest of them so it’s understandable she wants to go out, but the guys just aren’t into it so much.

Brad has a serious crush on Kat and drove 3000 miles from Kat just to meet her. He brings her a bouquet of flowers and is shaking when she hugs him. Kat’s overwhelmed by the attention. Brad’s a nurse and so was his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, so he’s wanting a traditional style pinup nurse, which is right up Kat’s alley. Before doing the tattoo, Brad pulls out a bottle from his pocket and takes a swig. Kat’s confused so he explains that it’s maple syrup, so Kat does a shot with him.

Elizabeth wants the Egyptian symbol, the eye of Rah. When Nunez makes the drawing, Elizabeth points out a few mistakes. It turns out that the Eye of Rah is not just a design, but a mathematical equation. The ancient Egyptians were known for their mathematical genius. There are 6 segments to represent the 6 senses, the 6th one being thought. Each segment of the Eye represents a certain fraction of the whole design, so in order for it to be true to its meaning it must be mathematically correct.

Everyone’s in the shop tattooing and Kat’s asking them why they never go out and party anymore. They all give their reasons and she asks if they can go out some time this week and they say they’ll try, but it’s unenthusiastic.

Danielle brings in a drawing based on the Spanish Day of the Dead skull for Garver to tattoo. For four years she was in an abusive relationship and was exposing her son to an unhealthy relationship. She gets the tattoo right on her neck. Represents life from death, and Garver helps her make something beautiful out of something very ugly.

Kat’s at home and she’s bored and lonely. She doesn’t want to sit around but none of the guys will answer their phones or call her back.

Jay wants Darren to help him memorialize his friend Phil, who passed away in a car wreck they were both in. He brings in a picture of a 1969 Honda Mini Trail bike, which was one of Phil’s prized possessions. At first, Darren did a drawing of just the emblem because he didn’t like the way the bike was going to look, but Jay doesn’t really care for it. He says that the bike is what reminds him of Phil the most and asks Darren to do his best, even if it has to lose a little detail. Darren’s second drawing is perfect and Jay says he will wear it with pride.

Kat comes in next morning in a bad mood and doesn’t even look at anyone. The guys can’t figure out who ticked her off. Garver tries to lighten the mood with jokes, which doesn’t help. She finally spills that she spent all night alone and she’s tired of feeling left out. So they make plans to go out that night and she’s happy. They go out and Kat lets loose and goes crazy, dancing on the pole and screaming.

Everyone’s picking on Darren’s hair. They even take up a collection to pay for him to get it cut. He takes the money and runs to the spa for full-body treatment. When he comes back he’s still got long hair hanging out from the back of his hat. They say they want their money back. Darren takes his hat off and reveals a mullet, which Garver recognizes as a wig. When he pulls off the wig they see Darren did actually get a haircut, too.

Joey shows up for his appointment with Kat – but Kat’s not there. Darren thinks it’s funny but Yoji’s ticked off about her missing an appointment. Joey is disappointed, saying it’s very difficult for him to get off work. They call Kat to see where she is. She’s in bed with a hangover and tells Yoji she can’t tattoo today. Yoji reminds her if Nunez finds out about this, she’s going to be in trouble. She says she’ll take a shower and head down to the shop, so Joey and his family wait. Kat feels bad for making them wait and tries to make up for it, but then it turns out Joey can’t get the tattoo today anyway because his back – where he wants the tattoo – is sunburned. So he comes back later when the burn is gone and Kat does a very unique portrait tattoo of Joey’s daughters. Their facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) are inside little bubbles with other bubbles surrounding them.

Sylvie wants a tattoo of an Asian woman in traditional clothing. Garver is the best man for this job. Wants her tough and warrior-like, not a pinup. It represents the woman she is now, feeling confident and strong. Garver even does fishnet stockings on the woman’s legs, which is incredible fine-line detail.

Kat says she’s gotten the partying out of her system for now and plans to lay low like the rest of the crew for a while. She realizes she’s gotten too comfortable with her abilities and feels it’s time to step it up or someone else could pass her up and she always wants to be the best artist she can be.

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