Miami Ink Summary – August 15 Episode

Mandy brings in a picture of the word “Believe” with her zodiac sign, Libra. Ami mocks it saying it’s boring, but agrees to do it anyway. When Ami comes in for the tattoo, she likes the way Ami drew it up, but when she suggests peridot green because “it’s the color of August,” Ami gets belligerent. Many rolls with the punches and tells Ami that she isn’t paying him to talk – only to tattoo. They end up bouncing several jokes back and forth and then she breaks down in tears when she sees the tattoo (because she liked it).

Carolina’s Announcement
Darren gets a phone call. Carolina announces that she’s “late.” Darren confirms that she hasn’t taken a pregnancy test yet. Jokes ensue in the shop at Darren’s expense, which he tries to laugh off the best he can. She’s waiting for him to come home that night to take the test together, but just had to call him at work and stress him out about it all day.

Bradley has a picture of viscous looking crab (which I believe was a deep sea stone crab) one of his friends caught. He has a connection with the ocean and this awesome crustacean makes him think of his love of the sea. Darren takes the job, but probably wishes he hadn’t when Bradley goes on and on about his pregnant wife back home.

Lynda’s brother died after a long battle with meningitis. She’s having trouble letting her brother go, and wants Garver to do a memorial tattoo of a sad large-eyed fairy and her brother’s name. Garver gets really depressed just drawing the tattoo, which incorporates both of his least favorite elements – fairies and anything to do with death. He seriously considers suggesting someone else do the tattoo, but he sticks with it because he knows how important the tattoo is to Lynda.

You’re a Good Boy, Nunez
We see Nunez in his home with his mom. He’s been taking care of her because she’s preparing to go in the hospital for knee surgery. She jokes that she’ll come back “Titanium Woman.” She’s worried about not waking up, wondering if she should fill out a living will and Nunez comforts her and assures her that it is not necessary, and he will see her when her surgery is over.

Gordon’s father was a respected member of their Native American tribe. Gordon brings a ton of resources and pictures to Darren, asking him to create a tattoo out of it. Darren manages to pull off this challenge by putting together a feather, a chef’s hat, a bingo card, a slot machine, the Cadillac emblem and a bunch of other details into one upper arm tattoo. They do it in two sessions and it’s quite a piece to behold!

Steven wants a guardian angel to protect him and ward off evil. While Ami is tattooing him, Steve explains that he feels his mother was saved by her guardian angel when she was pistol whipped (at 60+ years old) during a robbery and had to have jaw reconstruction, but she survived the ordeal. This story really irritates Ami, to imagine someone could do that to an elderly lady.

Is Carolina Pregnant?
Darren’s home. Carolina wants to have a full baby discussion and Darren doesn’t want to explore the “what ifs” until they know one way or another. Carolina’s nervous because if it’s a no she’s going to be sad. She takes the test, and it’s negative. Darren tries to hide his relief while trying to comfort Carolina, but a seed has been planted and Carolina thinks maybe Darren will be more amenable to the idea of having a baby now. Needless to say, Darren has no objection to the process of trying to make one.

The Language Barrier
Agnieszka (a NIS kah) comes in for her appointment with Nunez, and Yoji tells her that he’s at the hospital with his mom because she’s having surgery. Apparently, Nunez trusted Yoji with canceling his appointment and Yoji forgot to call her, but then he insists that Nunez didn’t leave her phone number for him to call. Darren is very annoyed with Yoji. Now that she’s in the shop and disappointed that her artist isn’t there, Yoji may have to step up and do it himself? He asks her what she wanted and she tries to explain but her polish accent is so thick, Yoji can’t understand her and she can’t understand him. She wants the symbol of the Hindu goddess, Kali. Yoji offers to do it but he’s really not good enough and Darren tells him to let someone else handle it. Garver has time to take over the job and Agnieszka is very happy with it.

Nunez picks up his mom from the hospital and the surgery was successful and she should be up and running in no time.

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