Miami Ink – Sink or Swim

Pastor Cleetus Adrian wants a blue Jesus on his leg from Garver with a banner underneath it that says, “Born to Raze Hell.” He has found that his shocking looks serve as a springboard for conversations about his faith. Garver keeps to the traditional theme of Cleetus’ other tattoos with old-school style lettering in the banner.

Ami and Nunez sign up with Amigos for Kids. They both had a lot of unsupervised time growing up, which they used to get into trouble. They decide to give back to the community by helping out this organization for disadvantaged kids. They take the kids to theSeaquarium where they see lots of animals. Then Ami and Nunez hold an art class in one of the tents and ask the kids to draw what they saw.

Dana wants Ami to cover a tattoo that she tried to have removed. After fifteen laser sessions, bits of the old tattoo – along with some scarring – remain. She explains to Ami that she got the tattoo and when her 8-year-old daughter had a problem with it, she had it removed. Ami wonders who the mother is in this story and tells her that he’s not feeling good about tattooing her again. Dana insists that she’s not going to regret it this time, and Ami does a great cover-up of cherry blossoms.

Cassandra brings in two pictures for Garver – a daylily and a cherub. She wants them combined – with the cherub inside the flower – in memory of her brother who died in Iraq. She wanted something more feminine than the helmet and boot that some of the men had gotten in his honor, and she felt that her brother was her guardian angel.

Michael is a firefighter, getting his first tattoo, and he’s not going small. He brings in a rough drawing of a dragon he wants wrapped around his chest, shoulder and arm. Garver draws directly onto Michael’s skin to create a dragon that fits his body. They complete the outline in this first session and make plans for Michael to come back when that is healed.

Bridgette shows up at the shop with Sydney. Since Yoji hasn’t been spending a lot of quality time with his family, she asks him if he can take a little time off to take the baby to her swimming lesson. Yoji rediscovers the kid in himself while swimming with Sydney. Bridgette hopes that this will encourage Yoji to enjoy Sydney’s baby years before they are gone.

Kim brings in her daughter, Jessica, and some pictures of butterflies. She’s getting two butterflies to honor the bond between herself and her daughter. She was only 16 when she became pregnant and was determined to make it on her own and be a good mother. Jessica gives her approval of the pretty butterflies on her mother’s tummy.

Shawn Mozen is a martial arts enthusiast who trains with kettlebells. He wants a tattoo from Ami that will represent both his Jewish heritage and his love for martial arts. He brings in a drawing of the Hebrew word for “strength” and a Japanese style dragon around it. Ami modifies it to do the dragon in a brushstroke style that matches the lettering. Before tattooing it, though, he decides to check Shawn’s spelling to be sure it’s correct and finds that there is a dot in it that does not belong. Fortunately for Shawn, Ami knows enough Hebrew to have saved him from an embarrassing disaster.

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