Miami Ink – October 24 – Bye, Bye Bridgette

Jessica is the first client of the show. She brings in a picture of a yellow Hibiscus flower she wants from Garver. It is in remembrance of her grandmother, whom she was very close to – even closer than her own mother. It’s her first tattoo and she gets it right on her hip bone, but sits through it like a trooper.

Yoji and Bridgette are having issues. Yoji’s finally concentrating on work like he should be in order to become an accomplished artist so that he can provide for his family, but Bridgette is tired of her and the baby being left out. She says the guys at the shop are getting more action than she is.

DJ Vito Fun wants a tattoo of his beloved cat Jason. Jason was a beautiful white short-hair and was with Vito through thick and thin for many years, and even managed to turn around several people who didn’t like cats until they met him. Vito gets a tattoo of Jason taking one look back before entering the Gates of Heaven. Kat does her signature black and grey work, but adds color to the eyes since Jason had two differently colored eyes, which adds an extra note of distinction to the tattoo. Vito loves it and calls it “bananers.”

Mike wants a Samurai from Ami – the exact same one Ami has on his own arm. Ami’s not offended; he thinks Mike has good taste. Mike wants this tattoo because the Samurai’s embraced the things they were scared of and used them to their advantage in battle. Mike’s two fears are of his father taking his own life and struggling through his own life as a gay man. He wanted to put it on his back but it wouldn’t flow with the tiger already on his back, so they decide to put it on his leg.

Bridgette announces that she and the baby are leaving to go spend time with her parents. She hopes she and Yoji can work things out but doesn’t want either of them to be miserable together. Yoji escorts them to the airport and says he doesn’t know when he’ll see them again.

Tanya has been in the shop before. Roger, a photographer, has been shooting her for his most recent project, Pinups for Troops. He brings Tanya with him and wants a tattoo of a shot he did of her the day before in a pirate-type bikini. It is to commemorate the project and remind him of the work he put into it. To make the tattoo unique, Tanya dons the costume and Garver draws up the tattoo design from the live model rather than a photograph.

Stephanie wants a portrait of St. Jude from Kat as a memorial to her grandfather. St. Jude is her family’s patron saint and the saint of lost hope. When her grandfather was preparing for surgery due to throat cancer, doctors warned that he may not be able to talk afterward, which was devastating to the family. They prayed to St. Jude during the surgery, and the doctors were able to save part of his voice box after all. Unfortunately he died of a heart attack, but Stephanie still prays to St. Jude on his behalf.

Kat’s been tattooing for 10 years and is getting a tattoo from the reknowned [link url= Miller[/link] to commemorate her anniversary. Corey is happy to be tattooing Kat, but I’m sure he wasn’t expecting her to be such a wuss through the whole thing! After a good bit of whining, though, Kat is stoked with her new tattoo and Corey gets a hug.

Philip just moved to Miami and he brings in a rough drawing of a phoenix, but Darren offers to draw something up much better. It’s a tribute to Philip’s father who lives in Phoenix – he beat prostate cancer and has gotten a second chance at life. Darren’s drawing is so good, Philip decides it deserves to be in the center of his back. Since it’s quite large, they complete it in two sessions.

Yoji’s bummed out now that his family is gone. He asks Ami about taking some time off each week to spend with his family, so Ami agrees to give him Mondays and Tuesdays off and will still give him minimum pay for those days. Yoji calls Bridgette and she agrees to come home and give things another go.

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