Laser Tattoo Removal: A Guide to Potential Patients and Their Health Advisers

Overview: Laser tattoo removal is the preferred method of removing an unwanted tattoo. Over the past 30 years, technology and providers have developed to a point where the procedure is highly effective with minimal side effects and within the budget of most patients. This presentation is intended to provide a comprehensive explanation of laser tattoo removal for an audience of potential patients and the health professionals and advisers who assist them in making decisions regarding their tattoos.

Organization of Information: This presentation will be divided into four parts, with one section that presents a scientific perspective on tattoos, one that discusses laser physics and tattoo removal, one that reviews the medical components of laser tattoo removal, and finally what we provide as advice to laser tattoo removal patients.

This information is intended to neither encourage nor discourage anyone from getting a tattoo or having a tattoo removed. Instead, it is a review and discussion of the best available information that is relevant to potential patients, their health care providers, and the public in general.

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