Home Laser Hair Removal

No Substitute for Professional Treatment

A number of new devices are coming out to remove unwanted hair with varying results. None of these devices has demonstrated results comparable to professionally administered laser hair removal treatments, and they can be costly, in some cases over $800/device.

That said, the convenience of the at-home device warrants attention. The technology used in these devices varies greatly with some utilizing lasers, others light-based sources, or electric currents.

New Partnerships Target Consumers At-Home

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. In the US alone more than 1.4 million procedures are performed annually. Given laser hair removal’s immense popularity and the desire by the majority of consumers to remove unwanted hair from some part of their bodies, a number of consumer companies and laser manufacturers have partnered to produce at-home devices. New devices entering the market include:

Professial Treatment is Long-Lasting, will At-Home Alternatives Work as Well?

Professional laser hair removal has been offered in dermatology and other medical practices since 1996. It is a very established treatment with proven results.

The results of professional treatments are phenomenal and have proven to be long-lasting. However the complexity of the physics involved, safety concerns, and the necessary medical oversight have prevented at-home laser hair removal until recently. While much slower than professional laser hair removal, these new devices have begun entry into the home device marketplace. Since the advent of laser hair removal companies have looked for a way to package it for home use.

Tria Home Laser Hair Removal Silk'n Personal Hair Removal Device No!No! Hair Remover

Consult With Your Physician

Always make sure to consult with your physician regarding hair removal treatments. Your Physician can discuss how at-home devices can potentially work in combination with professional treatment.

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