Does laser hair removal cause scarring?

Risk is Rather Small

Any laser procedure can cause scarring, and this is included as a risk on most consent forms you will sign prior to laser treatment. However, the risk of scarring from laser hair removal is rather small and is a function of many things including:

  • The experience, skill, knowledge and training of the laser operator
  • Your particular ability to heal
  • The amount of melanin pigment in your skin with greater risk for darker skin types
  • Type of laser used

Temporary Pigmentary Changes

Many people experience pigmentary changes, either lightening of the skin or darkening of skin, following a laser procedure. Most of time this is not scarring, even though people often believe that it is. Pigmentary changes following laser procedures are usually resolve in a period of weeks to months.

Experienced Operators Diminish Risk

Although the risk of scarring from a laser procedure is quite small, you can minimize your risk by selecting an experienced operator to perform your laser treatment who is supervised by an on-site physician.

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