Conventional Piercing Guide Ear – Lobe & Non-Cartilage Piercings

Ear Lobe

The lobe piercing is obviously the grandfather of all piercings. It can be traced back to ancient civilizations and has a vast history. The lobe is the easiest place on the body to pierce and has the highest success rate. It heals well, and can be adorned with many different styles of jewelry. A lobe piercing can also be stretched, which is something practiced in modern times as well as in some primitive cultures.

No piercing, including the ear, should be done with a gun or squeeze piercer. For more information, read Piercing Gun Vs. the Needle.

Recommended Starter Jewelry: 16-12 gauge CBR (stud jewelry is not recommended as it is a breeding ground for bacteria and is too tight to allow for proper cleaning and healing)

Estimated Healing Time: 3-6 weeks

Lobe Orbital

The lobe orbital is a rare piercing, but interesting nonetheless. The pierce goes side to side through the lobe, rather than front to back. This kind of piercing should be done only by a very experienced, professional piercer.

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