Conventional Piercing Guide Ear – Helix


The helix is the curled ridge on the outer edge of the ear. Any piercing in this area can be considered a helix pierce. Even an industrial is essentially a double piercing through the upper and lower helixes. The helix, like all cartilage piercings, is a little more difficult to heal, but still a relatively simple procedure.

Recommended Starter Jewelry: 16-12 gauge CBR or barbell

Estimated Healing Time: 2 – 12 months

Helix Orbital & Anti-Helix

The helix orbital is a piercing that is placed from side to side rather than front to back. The procedure requires piercing two holes rather than one. If pierced with a CBR, the jewelry “orbits” the helix like rings around a planet.

The anti-helix is like other “anti-” piercings in that it is located across from the original.

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