Body Piercing Basics for Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions :

Most questions you may ask have already been answered. Find the information you seek.

Choosing the Studio and Artist:

Finding the right studio and artist to get your piercing from are key to having a good and safe experience.

Safety Issues:

No matter what kind of piercing you get, the most important factor is that it is done safely and by a professional.

About Body Jewelry:

Discover the differences between the different types of body jewelry and the materials used to create them.

Guide to Conventional Piercings:

Learn the names, placement and other details about the most common body piercings.

Guide to Genital Piercings:

Learn about the risks and care needs that go along with getting these intimate piercings.

Pictures of Body Piercings:

Visit galleries of photos of many body piercings to see how they are expected to look.

Stretching Your Piercing:

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