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Body art has entered the mainstream enough that a lot of cable TV networks are taking notice. The occasional program about body art subculture has now evolved into regular reality series and shows. Find out more about your favorite tattoo show or maybe discover one you’d like to watch for the first time.
Tattoo Wars – Michelle Myles Vs. Seth Cifferi
Summary of the November 15, 2007 episode of TLC’s Tattoo Wars. This episode was a battle of the sexes as Michelle Myles was matched up with Seth Cifferi in a contest of Americana art.
Miami Ink Summary – November 7 – The Jeep
Miami Ink gets a new company vehicle and have the hood painted by world famous airbrush artist, Mike Lavallee.

Miami Ink – Sink or Swim
Yoji takes baby Sydney for a swim lesson.
Miami Ink – October 24 – Bye, Bye Bridgette
Two women memorialize their grandparents. Mike gets a Samurai warrior to help him overcome his fears, Kat gets a tattoo from Corey Miller to commemorate her ten years as an artist and Yoji says good-bye to Bridgette as she leaves with their daughter, not knowing when he will see them again.
Miami Ink – October 17 – Kat and Ami Tattoo the Troops
Kat and Ami go to a San Diego military base to tattoo some of the troops while a guy named Joey tries to get Nunez in shape back in Miami. Find out why Kat isn’t looking forward to spending time in tight quarters with Ami and why one Marine gets a cattle brand.
Miami Ink – October 10, 2006 – Lloyd Banks and the Rotten Apple
The main focus of this episode is obviously Lloyd Banks. However, there were a few other interesting stories as well and this show features art by Ami, Garver and Kat. We see Lee (the new shop manager) working in the shop, and he’s already getting on Ami’s nerves. Plus Kat does a tattoo on a client who raises the hairs on her arm while telling a bone-chilling story of how his dead grandmother has saved his life twice.
Look Like Kat Von D for Halloween
Kat Von D’s wild popularity and signature fashion style makes her a great candidate for flattering imitation this Halloween. There is only one Kat Von D, but many of us can have fun being Kat for a day! Here’s how to do it.
Miami Ink Summary – September 19, 2006 Episode
Most of us wander a lot during out lives, trying to find our niche. Fortunately for Kat Von D, she already knows what hers is, but it’s causing a problem at the shop. Ami feels that Kat isn’t flexible enough to be useful to him, and Kat suggests maybe she should leave Miami Ink.
Miami Ink Synopsis – Ami’s Bad Side
Ami can have a temper tantrum for being asked to tattoo a rosary, he can throw things because he’s mad at someone and he can cuss like a sailor, but when Ami doesn’t want anything to do with Carolina because she sold out his friend, that’s supposed to be his bad side.
Miami Ink Synopsis – September 5, 2006 Episode
Kat’s feeling out of place in Miami and very homesick for her city, Los Angeles, to the point where she considers quitting. Darren, Ami and Kat reach beyond their comfort zones to give clients the tattoo they really want, and Kat does a stunning likeness of a grilled cheese sandwich.
Miami Ink Summary – August 29, 2006
Garver finds out that if he doesn’t make some changes, he may only have one or two years of tattooing left in him. While Garver works on getting his kinks out, Ami and Nunez both display some very childish and unprofessional behavior in the shop. I think their success is going to their heads a bit too much.
Miami Ink Summary – August 22, 2006 Episode
Kat wants to party all the time now.
Miami Ink Summary – August 15 Episode
This episode of Miami Ink focuses on family relationships. Two clients get memorial tattoos in honor of a loved one, Nunez comforts his mother before she has surgery, and Darren finds out that he and Carolina may be welcoming a new member to their family. Find out what happens.
Miami Ink Summary – August 8, 2006 Episode
Kat, Ami, Garver and Nunez all do some great tattoos in this episode but the highlight is the prank they pull on their most recent shop manager applicant, Joel. With the help of some hidden cameras and a ‘thug’ named Joey, Joel is put through the ultimate interview. Find out what happens.
Miami Ink Summary – August 2, 2006 Episode
Kat’s on the warpath because someone is leaving the bathroom a disgusting mess, and when she finds out who it is, he’s in serious hot water. Kat also meets another woman making a name for herself in a male-dominated industry.
Miami Ink – July 25, 2006
The guys in the shop can’t resist hazing Yoji and making him pay his dues before being allowed to officially start tattooing. The shop shenanigans also reveal that one crew member has a snake phobia, and one has a mouse phobia. Who do you think they are? Read the article to find out!
Miami Ink 2006 Season Premiere – July 18, 2006
Miami Ink begins a new season with more shop drama and more great tattoos. In this episode, Nuñez is spending uncontrollably, the crew auditions an prospective manager, and Ami loses his temper – again.
Miami Ink – May 16, 2006 – Best Tatts:
In the Miami Ink intro, Ami refers to Darren Brass as “the 5-foot wonder”. It’s interesting that Darren was chosen to be last in the “best of” series. He’s probably the least visible of all the guys – he isn’t arrogant, doesn’t have a hot temper, isn’t a womanizer (he’s married), and is probably the second best tattoo artist in the shop (besides Garver). It brings to life the old “nice guys finish last” phrase, but finally the light is shed on this well-deserving gentleman.
Miami Ink Synopsis – May 9, 2006 – Best Tatts: The Nuñez Special
This week’s episode of Miami Ink featured a review of the more interesting past clients of Chris Nuñez. Known to be the Casanova of the shop, this show was basically a nauseating display of women fawning over him while he soaked it up like a dry sponge.
Miami Ink Synopsis – May 2, 2006 – Best Tatts
This week’s episode that highlighted Chris Garver’s work was definitely my favorite out of the whole “Best Tatts” series so far. We got a lot of side information about Garver himself and his personal views on certain things, as well as seeing some of the more interesting tattoos he’s done on past episodes of the show.
Miami Ink Synopsis – April 25 2006 – Best Tatts – The Ami Special
This episode is highlighting the best of Ami James – his most interesting and memorable tattoos and clients. Ami is sitting, reviewing the episodes, and giving his personal thoughts and commentary on each one.
Miami Ink Synopsis – Miami Ink Touch Ups – The Best of Kat
This week’s episode of Miami Ink was basically a review of some of Kat’s most interesting clients from the show and Kat herself giving personal commentary on each tattoo. They revisit some of the tattoos of the past and discuss reactions from both Kat and the clients.
The official site of TLC’s reality series, Miami Ink. You can meet the crew, see pictures of tattoos they have tattooed on the show, join the online forum of show fans or even apply to appear on the show yourself.
On this April 4, 2006 Episode entitled Goodbye Freedom, Ami feels that Darren’s partying days are over since his wife has moved to Miami to be with him. Darren gets a surprise client and a skateboarding legend comes in for a WTC memorial tattoo just before his own death.
This Miami Ink episodes shows how tattoos can be a significant connection between people we love, whether they are alive or dead. And sometimes, it can even signify a promise to love oneself. Also, Yoji and Bridgette are having problems so they attend couples therapy, and the M.I. crew helps babysit Sydney.
Miami Ink – March 7, 2006 – Rock and Roll All Night. Yogi wants to relive his old days of being in a punk rock band and it interferes with his future as a tattoo artist. The crew talks about their relationships with their parents and Ami is having temper issues again. Oh, and there’s some great tattoos going on, too!
While Ami and Garver are soaking up the sun in Hawaii, Nuñez and the rest of the crew are left to tend shop. A client named John gets a tattoo for his terminally ill daughter, and takes advantage of the opportunity to raise awareness about her rare disease.
Kat Von D and husband Oliver Peck visit the shop and Ami does a tattoo for a bike builder who’s proud of hurting people in fights, but also is able to help Ami conquer his fear of riding after a really bad accident a few months back. Yogi gets a fundoshi as a reward for his hard work, and Kat gets a gold tooth.
Miami Ink synopsis from the January 31, 2006 episode – Weathering the Storm. While Hurricane Wilma heads toward Miami, a storm is brewing inside the studio when Ami decides to take off and leave the rest of the crew to fend for themselves.
Summary of the Miami Ink episode on January 24, 2006 entitled, “Party All the Time”, referring to Chris Nuñez and his insatiable desire for the nightlife.
In this episode of Miami Ink, Yogi is given an ultimatum in regards to his drawing and tattooing. Darren receives some shattering news, Garver has a tantrum about a tattoo he has to do and Nunez tries to reason with a whiny customer.

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