Before and After Photos of Laser Hair Removal Patients

Before having laser hair removal performed to remove your unwanted hair and enhance your beauty, it’s important to see what you may expect from the procedure. The investment in laser hair removal can been significant and the cost of laser hair removal requires that one know what to expect. Below are photos of actual laser hair removal patients. These laser hair removal photos are of patients before and after treatment. The results presented in these laser hair removal photos do not necessary reflect what you may experience.

Back Hair Removal Before Back Hair Removal After

Back laser hair removal of adult male, six months after three treatments.

Arm Hair Removal Before Arm Hair Removal After

Adult female with moderate arm hair, after one treatment

Upper Lip Hair Removal Before Upper Lip Hair Removal After

Middle Aged Woman with dense hair around upper lip, one treatment session

Leg Hair Removal Before Leg Hair Removal After

Middle Aged Man with average leg hair, after one session

Back Laser Hair Removal Before Back Laser Hair Removal After

Adult Male with dense back hair, three treatments

Underarm Laser Hair Removal Before Underarm Laser Hair Removal After

Young Adult Female with average, shaved underarm hair, after one treatment

Facial Hair Removal Before Facial Hair Removal After

Middle Aged Male with thick beard and ingrown hairs, after one treatment

These pictures are for informational purposes only and do not necessarily represent what your treatment results may look like.

All pictures provided courtesy of Drs. Berman, Bernstein, and Zelickson

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