Autoclave Bags and New Tattoo Needles

What is an autoclave bag? Well, not to bring up any bad memories, but you know the little pouches the dentist gets all of his tools out of? That’s an autoclave bag. The needles should not be removed from that bag until you are sitting there and they are ready to start your tattoo. You can also ask to see the little sterile confirmation logo on the bag itself. Usually the company’s name that made the bag will be visible on the front of the bag ONLY when the equipment has been properly autoclaved.

So, how do you know that the needles are new? Now, I will tell you; in some states, it isnot a legal requirement to use new needles. If used needles are properly autoclaved, it is legally acceptable to use them, but this is not a recommended practice!!! New needles should be bright silver in color, not stained with ink or brownish looking. Used needles, if properly sterilized, can very well be perfectly safe. There is also the risk, though, of the needle tips becoming dull after use on a previous client, which can seriously damage your skin when used.

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