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All day long, we are worried that our make ups come off if we do such many work, at home, at work, etc. but are we glad that our technology is so advanced, that we don’t have to worry no more and you can have a party after work all night long. No further ado, our topic for today is about the permanent makeup, that we are so eager to have to lessen time wasted on making up with makeup.

Now a day, as we seen in TV ads everywhere, we are aware that there are beauty remedies that we can acquire to gain beauty in such way, we have these permanent that is available right now everywhere, like eyebrow loss a remedy of eyebrow tattoo; those who needs reconstruction because of scars, burns, surgery scars, accident and injuries; vitiligo; chemotherapy which is caused by full or partial hair loss; for those people who are always on the go and doesn’t want to be delayed by time; for those who are vision and motor impaired (they are the people that cannot manage to apply makeup); women who wanted to look best all the time; for men who wanted to look natural; and for mothers who are busy and doesn’t have enough time for makeup.

Some of these types of Permanent make ups are: Eyebrow tattoo, permanent eyeliner, eyelash enhancements, lip liner and full lip color, Feature reconstruction, re-pigmentation (areola restoration), scar camouflage, hair imitation, skin grafting, hare and cleft lip, and beauty marks. Some of these are always required for medical supervision on treatments and some are to be considered.

We have to consider that, your mind should be set, if you plan to have a permanent makeup. A permanent makeup includes tattooing and tattooing is always permanent in our skin, even though we have a tattoo removal it doesn’t mean we have to do it and get the tattoo remove. We have to think of it that permanent makeup targets our face, it will give you a great pain always, and for example permanent eyeliner it’s not possible to remove that with a laser removal, the fact that it is near the eyes and outside of it. Some consideration also that you shouldn’t skip any procedures on after cares, these treatment can also give you great pain. The most important is the training and skill of your technicians and your confidence depends on this said treatment.

However, there are different methods available to help reduce the great pain and helping you with the pain management until it heals, including various topical anesthetic creams and ointments and anesthetic blocks. This is always discussed to clients by the technicians to determine which one is right for you.