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Dr. Numb Hemorrhoid Cream

Buy hemmorhoid cream from the most reliable brand, Dr. Numb!

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Get the safest, most effective, and reasonably priced hemorrhoid cream available.


We invest in the safety and quality of our product! We test Dr. Numb in different independent laboratories to make sure
that our formulation is the most effective and the safest. We have trademarked Dr. Numb in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office,
and have it registered in Health Canada and U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Plus, we give great customer service through phone or online, and a 30-day money-back guarantee!

We've made sure that Dr. Numb is up to standards, and is reasonably priced so everyone can afford a high quality hemorrhoid cream!

Safe numbing cream for various procedures

Safe numbing cream for various procedures

Recommended for pain caused by needles, tattooing, body piercing, injections. Also for dermatological procedures: waxing, laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal.
30-day Money Back Guarantee

30-day Money Back Guarantee

We know that Dr. Numb will give you effective numbing effect, therefore we are offering you 30 Day money back guarantee on every Dr. Numb purchased.
256-bit SSL, Free Shipping and Overnight Shipping

256-bit SSL, Overnight Shipping

100% hacker safe: 256-bit SSL-encrypted transactions. Plus, Overnight Shipping option is available.