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10 tubes of Dr. Numb
6 tubes of Dr. Numb
3 tubes of Dr. Numb + 2 tubes FREE!
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10 tubes of Dr. Numb
1 tube of Dr. Numb
Customer Testimonial:

"I decided to have a full back tattoo which was a cross in the middle of my back and wings coming off the shoulder all the way down my back. I went and had the cross done on the middle of my back and could hardly stand it. The tattoo artist stopped because the pain was unbearable. I did not know how I was going to finish this tattoo. I researched plenty of numbing creams and I felt like this was the answer for me. The video of the tattoo was what sold me. I rubbed it on like it said to do and I was AMAZED of how this worked. I got the 2 wings put on with no problem, I was texting and talking on the phone. I will NOT let another ink gun touch my back without Dr. Numb being on me. Thank you so much!! "

Toby Penley


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Chris Brown Recommends Dr. Numb Chris Brown discovered Dr. Numb online and explained how he used it to avoid pain while getting his arm tattoo.

Dr. Numb Review by Gary Gray of International School of Body Art Gary Gray explains how Dr. Numb Numbing Cream has benefited his tattoo shop by finishing tattoo pieces faster and his clients keep coming back because of their painless tattoo experience!

Painless Laser Tattoo Removal with Dr. Numb At Enhance Studio, Vancouver, they use Dr. Numb on their clients for a pain-free laser tattoo removal process.

Fatima's painless belly piercing experience with Dr. Numb "Let me start off by saying I DID NOT FEEL A THING! My belly button piercing was a painless experience, NO LIE! It really works!" - Fatima