Stand Out With A Right Wrist Tattoo Style- Pick the best one!

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Summary: Nowadays, wrist tattoo style are becoming the most popular trend in the world of fashion. From top celebrities to the college going students, everyone seems to be crazy for getting their wrist inked in one or more tattoo styles. If you are also planning to get one, here is something important for you. Check out.Stand Out With A Right Wrist Tattoo Style- Pick the best one!

‘It was Alleena birthday, and I was in fear what to gift her. I seriously want her to feel special, and coincidently I was planning to go for some or the other type body art. Having a wrist tattoo with her name inked appeared to be a right solution. And that everlasting smile on her face after seeing that tattoo was the best thing. A tattoo made us fall for each other more, and we are getting hitched soon…’                                                                                                           ~ Evan.

No doubt, getting a wrist tattoo might be just the right thing for you too. It helps you make a better fashion statement. The idea to get your wrist inked is simple yet very unique, and it can seriously make you stand out.

Actually, the wrist makes a good tattoo placement area, why so? Reason being, it is less painful when compared to other sensitive areas. Moreover, it is a site which remains visible for longer duration. So, if you been planning to get a tattoo throughout the year, but haven’t done, you must think about getting this one.

What are the different wrist tattoo styles?

Of course, there exist different styles of wrist tattoos you can consider. You can decide after learning about them, which one would be most suitable for you. The most common styles for these tattoos include:

The bracelet style: It is popularly known as wristband style. In this form, the tattoo is inked in such a way that it beautifully encircles the entire wrist. Now it is your choice, it can be done to follow side or covering the top curves of your wrist. Certainly, it will give an armband or bracelet look breaking plain looking hands and arms, that too in the most stylish manner.

The wrist top style: When a tattoo sits right on top of your wrist, i.e. at the place where it happens to be most visible, it falls under this category. The best thing is that you can extend it further up the arm or down the hand, as per your choice. Get your wrist inked in various sizes to match your preferences. It completely depends on what you find most pleasant.

The inner wrist style: It is pretty clear from the name, just like the name suggests the tattoo style has the inking on the inner part of the wrist. It is a style which is highly popular because it makes it possible to hide the tattoo when you don’t want to flaunt it.


Well, it will depend on your personal preferences and how visible you want it to be, but each of the above-stated style goes perfect on the wrist. In case you worry for the tattooing pain, you can leave it to Dr. Numb. One of the most recommended topical anaesthetic creams, it is well known for making several dermal processes like tattooing, piercing, and many more.

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