More Women are Using Numbing Creams in the Derma Clinic

December 19, 2013 / By Ann V. / 0 Comments

brazilian waxingWomen are fond of going to derma clinics for their personal and hygienic purposes. We cannot deny how good it feels to have our flaws be straightened up. Most of the procedures done in derma clinics bring an uncomfortable feeling and pain. 

Waxing is the best example of these procedures, Brazilian wax specifically. The said procedures usually need numbing cream beforehand to prevent unnecessary pain and discomfort in the client’s part. It is applied normally an hour prior the procedure to have the skin ready for the procedure. This kind of cream give ease to the excruciating pain brought about by waxing. another procedure usually performed in a derma clinic is laser treatment. Laser treatments also cause discomfort and tingling sensation to people undergoing the procedure. Good thing we have numbing creams to ease and lessen the burden brought by the procedure. Now you probably understand why more women use numbing creams in derma clinics.