What are the major side effects of tattoos?

April 28, 2016   825

Everybody seems to be in love with tattoos nowadays, why not, as it adds more style to your personality and every day look. Meanwhile, it is a way to express you thoughts and feelings in form of body art that remains with you till your last breath. But everyone seems to be talking about how cool tattoos are, no one talks or tells you about side effects of tattoo. If you’re not considers certain precautions and parameters while tattooing, then it may lead to the following side effects. Have a look at some of the adverse effects of permanent tattoos.

What are the major side effects of tattoos?

  1. Allergic skin reactions to body inks

One of the most common side effect to tattoos is a skin reaction. You may not know that you’re allergic to certain body inks until you have a tattoo. But this would lead to some serious skin reactions in people who are sensitive to body inks. Usually these reactions are triggered during sun exposure. But black, purple, and green pigments are found to be less allergic. These inks may or may not show any skin reactions, depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

  1. Skin discoloration

Permanent tattoo is forever. Even if you remove it by laser treatment, the specific part of your skin where tattoo was done will remained discolored. Although there are few techniques and treatments to eliminate discoloration, but it can never provide the color of your natural skin. This means a sling difference will always be there, so on close examination anyone could find out there was a permanent ink on that particular body part. So, be sure before getting a tattoo and it will be there on your skin – either in form of a beautiful design or as a discolored skin.

  1. Reuse of needles can cause infections like HIV or hepatitis

Make sure that the tattoo artist is using fresh and unused needle for tattooing. As there’s no secret that reused needles can be a leading cause of severe diseases like HIV and hepatitis. for tattooing can cause severe diseases like HIV and hepatitis. You must never get a tattoo done from any new or illegal tattoo parlor. You cannot take it lightly, as one wrong move could be a cause of lifetime regret and life-threatening disease. So, always go for trusted and certified tattoo parlors.

  1. Scarring

Sometimes tattoos can lead to permanent tissue scarring, leaving ugly marks on your skin. This is because our skin has natural tendency to keep healing on its own and try to remove any foreign substance out of the body. Likewise, for your skin body ink is a foreign substance, and somehow skin tries to remove these body ink particles. In that process some times bumps or small knots can be formed underneath your skin.


  1. Granulomas or lymph node problems


Granulomas are nothing but nodules, which are formed around particles that are considered foreign by the body. Since tattoo ink particles are also unknown or foreign materials for the body, granulomas are likely to develop around the tissue where tattoo is formed. Like granulomas, lymph nodes can also enlarge. This usually happens when pigments present in body inks leak into the bloodstream, causing swelling in the areas where tattoos are formed. This can also lead to abnormal tissue growth.


  1. Abnormalities

Certain bruises, also known as haematomas, can occur on puncturing of blood vessels. This can lead to several blood pools, and skin tumors that can be characterized by a dome-shaped inflamed skin. Skin inflammation can lead to development if risks with tattoos.

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