Wart- How to Get Rid of Unwanted Skin Growth?

November 21, 2016   495

Are you fed up of those warts? You might be looking for some information about this skin disease, right? So, you landed right. Read on to know about it.

Wart - unwanted skin growth

To start with learning warts, first you need to know about them, i.e. what they are? Actually, these are noncancerous skin growths which can occur anywhere, without any prior symptoms. Though there have been many searches, yet the recent one by Medical News Today states that warts are caused by the human papillomavirus. Basically, it causes skin cells to multiply too rapidly.

Warts can occur in different forms, but generally it develops on the shoulder, and this is very common. Do you know it makes up to 74 percent of all warts?

How to identify warts?

As stated earlier, warts are common to different age groups; these are known to be a viral infection which is flesh-colored, pink, white or tanned. Now these appear as raised growths, which are often rough to the touch and yes, these multiply quickly. These contain black dots, known as seeds, which are none other than those clotted blood vessels.

Besides the one which occur on shoulder, the other types of warts generally occur on the genitals or plantar surfaces. These can be found on the sole of the feet too.

Is it a viral infection?

It is the human papillomavirus which is found to be responsible for wart. This virus can easily spread from person to person easily. So, it can occur due to simply touching a towel or any other object which has been used by a person with the HPV virus recently.

One more thing, children and young adults are most at risk. Reason is quite known; it attacks people with weaker immune system. So, the list of infested include even those with HIV or other diseases.

Can it be removed?

While there are many home remedies for wart removal, it is sometimes necessary to choose surgical removal options for warts. Normally, going under the knife is the last resort because it can cause scarring and it is painful. For the former fear, you can consult a good dermatologist, and in case latter one is your reason you can count on Dr. Numb. It contains 5% lidocaine and is FDA certified. You can apply it before you get treated and keep pain away from the process. Stay Healthy!

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