All You Wanted to Know About Lidocaine Topical Cream!

October 15, 2016   733

Know here the uses and effects of lidocaine topical creams.

If you have numbing cream or a regular visitor to our blog site, you must have come across a word, Lidocaine. Either you may be curious to know what is lidocaine or don’t give a damn care to know it. But if you use numbing cream, you must know lidocaine and its role in your cream.


What it Lidocaine?

Well Lidocaine is the key ingredient in most of the numbing creams. Make sure your numbing cream has minimum 5% Lidocaine cream for long lasting numbing.

How it Work?

Lidocaine numbs the skin by blocking nerve signals which carry pain messages to the brain. In this way, you feel very less or no pain while having piercing, tattooing, or biopsy.

Why use Lidocaine when I Can Use Traditional Methods for Numbing?

Yes, you can use traditional methods to numb your skin like putting ice over your skin or with painkiller. But they are not as efficient as numbing cream made from lidocaine. This is because lidocaine numbing formula keeps your skin numb for at least 1 hour, which is enough time to complete your tattoo or piercing.

Why to Use Numbing Cream Made from Lidocaine?

As it has been already told that lidocaine keeps your skin numb for long, you can think of painless tattoo, piercing and biopsies with numbing cream. Some people also use numbing cream made from lidocaine to ease the pain and irritation resulting from sunburn, insect bites, poison ivy, minor cuts, burns and scratches. (Please ask your physician before using numbing cream for that purpose). In some cases, lidocaine topical cream is also used to ease rectal discomfort caused by hеmоrrhоіdѕ.

What are the Side Effects of Lidocaine Anesthetic Cream?

If you don’t follow guidelines to use lidocaine topical creams, you may face many health hazards. Excessive amount of lidocaine creams is dangerous as your skin can’t absorb it property, making you prone to uneven heartbeats, seizures, breathing problems, coma, or respiratory failure (breathing stops).

On the other hand, using it in a wrong way like not washing your skin or not keeping it for a mentioned time period may affect the cream’s numbing efficiency.

You should not use it on the broken skin like injuries as lidocaine can worse the problem. Apart from that, keep lidocaine out of reach from children and pet who may accidently suck or swallow it.

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