Use of Dr Numb In Modern Health Care

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Our lifestyles and eating habits have all changed drastically over the last few years. A good look, appealing appearance and a flawless skin is something which is more focused upon. And this is the reason for the booming cosmetic industry.

Dr Numb in modern health care

People are more conscious about their hygiene and beauty now and especially women who spend hours in beauty salon to get a silky, smooth and ever-glowing skin.

Having a smooth skin is the synonym for a hair-free skin. Women want to remove every little strand of hair from their skin not just for glorifying their beauty but also for a good personal hygiene.
Many people start shaving off excess hairs in their early teenage and when they enter into colleges and jobs they probably get their skin waxed or look for permanent methods for hair removal.
This has become an integral part of modern health care. Here I have listed four most popular ways for hair removal.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal focuses a particular wavelength of light at the base of the hair follicle and removes the hair from the skin permanently. But it takes around 5-6 sessions in a week which can last up to 6 weeks for laser procedure to complete.
The laser removal works best on fair skin with dark hair because it is easy to figure out the area where the hair is to be removed from. People with dark skin are at risk of getting their skin burnt.
Light Sheer Duet is one of the options for laser hair removal which can work over a larger part of the skin to remove hair. It even doesn’t require the use of a messy gel which makes it possible to remove hair from the entire leg or back in no more than 15 minutes.
There are many spas which offer this laser hair removal but it’s best to consult a physician because the doctor can recommend you with safer way of treatment and also check in case you have any allergies.
Since laser is a painful process, therefore you can even use a numbing cream to cut off the excess pain from the body. Dr numb cream contains 5%lidocaine which is a powerful anesthetic and has even been recommended by FDA for use in dermatological treatments.


Sugaring is another method for hair removal. Cream, honey and hard wax definitely can give you a hair free skin. One drawback of using these methods is that they can result into skin burning, skin damage, premature aging, and even pigmentation.
Sugar wax is made from sugar, water, lemon juice, and glycerin, which is perhaps a natural and effective alternative to other hair removal procedures. You can even use it at room temperature and it doesn’t interfere with the top layer of skin and just removes the hair.
Sugar waxing is not followed by burning sensation or redness but the process is as painful as the traditional wax. Waxing with sugar wax gives best result when done on region below the neck.
A good numbing can again come to your rescue from the excruciating pain from the procedure.


Threading is more popular and common form of hair removal method in the Middle East countries and even India.
This is less-time consuming, less abrasive and even less painful. It is done with a piece of thread twisted and rolled quickly over the part of the skin with hair.
Threading is generally done on short hairs and there is a fine regrowth after it. Threading is commonly done on the eyebrows, but it can also be done on the chin, nostrils, upper lip and ears and even forehead region.


Electrolysis involves use of a tiny needle through which a shortwave radio frequency is focused on the hair follicle. This process destroys the hair follicle completely.
Electrolysis works best for all skin types and skin color –whether white or blonde, skin with fine texture and even on facial hair.
Electrolysis has even been considered as a permanent hair removal technique by FDA. The number of treatments depends directly upon the amount of hair on your body and history of the hair removal treatments adopted.

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