When and Why to Use Numbing Cream?

September 24, 2017   1388

Using numbing cream for tattooing, piercing and waxing is a good idea. It reduces pain and discomfort.When and Why to Use Numbing Cream

Tattoos, waxing, piercing and laser hair removal are the good ways to add to your style and aesthetics. However, it is equally true that these processes are not free from pain. Or you can say that pain is the expected part in these processes. For example, needle gun is run over your skin to make a tattoo. Similarly, laser treatment involves intense laser beams emitted to your skin. Needless to say piercing does hurt.

Luckily, there is a numbing cream for pain and discomfort stemmed from every process.

Let’s see how numbing cream can do that.

For Waxing:

Waxing is a simple and efficient way to remove unwanted hair from your skin. It requires you to apply the hot and sticky strips over your skin which is quite painful. Don’t worry. Numbing cream is here. Just apply the cream to your skin hour before the process. It will temporarily numb your skin for an hour or two.

For Tattoos:

Tattoos do hurt as they are also made with needle penetration. Even a sight of tattooing may be disturbing for faint-hearted, let alone go through it. In this scenario, numbing cream is just like a savior. Numbing cream will dull your pain receptors so that you don’t feel anything done to your skin. Use numbing cream one hour before the process.

For Piercing:

Like tattooing, going through the piercing process is not a fun. Just imagine how it likes when the needle penetrates your skin. If you are getting piercing for the very first time, you may be feeling terrorized by pain you are going to have. So, use a numbing cream before your piercing. It dulls your skin and you don’t feel pain.

For Shots:

Shots are essential for both health and protection against diseases. However, most people avoid getting them just because of pain. If you are one of them, we suggest you to use a numbing cream before the shots. Like tattoos, piecing and waxing, numbing cream numbs your skin so that you can’t feel the shot’s pain.

For Laser Treatments:

Whether its laser scar removal or laser acne removal, laser treatments cause discomfort and burning sensation. This is because they emit heated beams to the skin. Therefore, using numbing cream before the process is a nice and wise idea.

Which Numbing Cream is Right for All These Processes?

Make sure to choose the right numbing cream. Not all numbing creams efficiently numb your skin or guaranty an hour long numbing effect. Here comes Dr. Numb. Dr. Numb is one of the largest selling numbing creams and is being recommended by tattoo artists and dermatologist alike. It contains 5% lidocaine and safe for all skin types.

How to Use Numbing Cream?

Using numbing cream is easy, just like any ordinary skin cream. All you need to follow these steps:

  • Wash the skin with soap and water
  • Pat it dry
  • Apply a liberal amount of topical numb ointment an hour before the process
  • Cover it with plastic wrap (don’t use cotton dressing)
  • Wipe it off after 45 minutes.

Your skin is ready for a painless tattooing, piercing, or laser treatment. All the best!


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