What type of foot tattoo designs to prefer?

July 14, 2017   541

Planning for foot tattoos? Having no clue of tattoo designs and aftercare tips? No problem! Here is a solution to it. Read on.What type of foot tattoo designs to prefer

Gone are the days, when tattooing was a religious or spiritual activity. Now doubt, number of indigenous groups in the Polynesian islands, Asia and South America are still having them for the same reason. But now they are more popular among the fashion savvy people. Both men and women are catching up with this trend. And majority of them are getting skin art on different parts of their body.

As far as the foot tattooing is concerned, it is most common among the young ladies. And the good thing is that foot tattoo designs are available in different styles. For women, it is now possible to achieve that desired fashionable look with these tattoos.

Here are listed some of the most common foot tattoo designs:

Heavenly Bodies: Making a huge comeback, these are again in the trend nowadays. And one thing more, these foot tattoo designs aren’t constrained to the women only. Yes, even men prefer using them as they signify that the person carries a lot of weight (strength). Different people see these signs differently; hence, you can get Sun, Moon, or stars inked, as per your choice.

Fairies and Unicorns: There are some cartoon and fairy tale characters which can be commonly seen. Being favorite to most of the women, these can be fairly small too and can be positioned anywhere on your foot. Isn’t that great!

Special Characters: Different language characters form to be a great foot tattoo design idea for women as well as men. You can get either Chinese or a Japanese character having some specific meanings to impress the people around you. What about using direct translation of your name in Russian, Cyrillic, Polynesian, or Arabic? Yes, you can get inked with any of these characters.

Butterfly: Girls go crazy for this kind of a design. This insect symbolizes both, beauty and grace, altogether. The metamorphosis of the butterfly signifies more than just a transformation. Being linked with strength, guidance and protection, it offers them a way to express their freedom. Many young girls also prefer going for dragonflies and small birds, all for the same reason.

And that’s not all! There are many other foot tattoo designs which can offer you a fabulous appearance. But make sure before you plan to get a tattoo, you know how to make it painless?

Yes, it will be painful!

How much?

Well, there is no particular answer to this question. It will depend on your threshold, tattoo design you choose, the ink chosen for tattooing, and the experience of artist performing this art. However, in case you feel you will not be able to bear the pain of needle, make sure you carry a topical anesthetic cream with you.

Or simply, you can place your order for Dr. Numb right now. You can buy it from nearby store too as you hardly need any medical prescription for it. It is a water based cream with 5% lidocaine. You have to apply it at least before 45 minutes. It will block the pain signals and let you enjoy the tattooing process without any fear.




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