Trendy Piercings and Tattoos Can Be A Reason Of Unemployment

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You got a tattoo in your college days, but now it is the biggest hindrance in your career? Well, you are not all alone. There are many like you. Read on to know more about the conflicts between trendy body art and employment.

Trendy Tattoo Design

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It can be a beautiful angel inked on your shoulder, an inspirational quote scrolling up your forearm or an Italian flag on your tri-cep, which you got in order to express your thoughts to the world. Similarly, there are many who pick other forms of body arts including piercing. They go for piercing ear, lips, nose, and even eyebrow.

In the tender age, these different forms of art, i.e. tattoos and piercings help you to flaunt and express your uniqueness, stating you individuality. While the beauty carved on your flesh is fine in younger days, but these can have a deep meaning of your life that you might not be aware of. Actually, it becomes an identity or a silent message which you are offering to the one who sees it. Even to the hiring managers whom you approach for a job after crossing college days.

Body Art- Identity or trouble?

You might have never thought of this section; a visible tattoo or piercing can be your ticket to remain unemployed. Yes, regardless of your stellar resume, interviewing prowess, superior scores on tests, or amazing personality, the ‘work of art’ on your body can turn problematic. To understand, simply your ink and piercings can make it much more difficult for you to hear the words, “You are hired”!

Though, it’s not fair, as people shouldn’t be judged based on their looks, but the facts and stats state that they are!

Will tattoo or piercing be a problem forever?

Do you know 40% of people between the age group of 18–29 adorn at least one or more tattoos? Yes, so if you have one or have piercing done, doesn’t mean you will be unemployable. In case, you have chosen to get inked or pierced earlier, here is a little help to improve your chances of getting hired. Have a look;

Removal: The first and foremost thing you can do is to remove the piercings and tattoos. Laser removal process can be opted for. It really works and in case you worry for the pain, Dr. Numb can be used. It is best for making tattoo removal pain free.

Find Alternates: Another thing you can do is consider seeking jobs which allow tattoos or piercings. Simply saying, pick those companies which do not have a strict policy on body art. Reason being, chances are you will be happier working here and pursuing a career among people who respects your choice.

Last note; clearly to choose a tattoo (or piercing) or not is your decision. But you need to be aware of the fact that companies and hiring managers make their decisions judging your personality on the basis of body art you pick. So, be wise enough before you head off!

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