Tragus Piercing: Essential Things You Can’t Afford to Miss

March 08, 2017   897

Before having a tragus piercing, make sure you follow these things to avoid risks and complications.Tragus Piercing Essential Things You Can’t Afford to Miss

Tragus piecing is one of the trendy piercing types and gives an edge to your traditional ear piercing. Thanks to Scarlett Johnson for bringing tragus piercing into the mainstream style. You may be super excited to get a tragus piercing. However, you must know several things about tragus piercing which are related to the process and aftercare.

Know Where Tragus Is:

Tragus is the ear flap which is located outside the ear canal, making it parallel to the concha.

Tragus Piercing is Not That Painful:

The pain factor in body piercing is determined by the location and pain tolerance. For example, you may feel less pain in some body parts due to the abundance of fat while nerve endings are less. Good thing is that tragus piercing is not that painful. You may experience pinch or sting like feeling, however, the pain would be very low.

Tragus is the thicker cartilage skin part, requiring more needle pressure than other ear piercings. You must follow the instruction of your piercer. They can place a cork in your ear canal to prevent the damage followed by a piercing with a curved or straight hollow needle.

Aftercare is Essential for Your Tragus Piercing

Piercing is an open wound which requires aftercare to avoid infection and swelling. Aftercare and precautions are important for the healing of tragus piercing. However, tragus piercing requires little care, saving your time and effort. Here are the general points to take care of your fresh tragus piercing:

  • Wash your hands before touching or removing your jewellery.
  • Use saline water solution to clean the jewelry.
  • Keep the tragus and surrounding areas clean to avoid the infection chances.
  • Wear the right jewelry which may be made of surgical stainless steel, platinum and nickel free.

Watch for Infection and Other Unwanted Signs:

As tragus piercing is an open wound, it is prone to the swelling, scabbing and pus discharging. The common signs of infection in tragus piercing are swelling, bleeding, yellow or green puss and redness. Therefore, you must check if your tragus piercing has developed any of these signs. You can use warm water, tea tree oil and other home remedies to treat the symptoms of infection.

Please see the doctor, if these signs turn worse or persisted for longer.

Prefer It Doing From Experienced Piercing Artist:

While many people do piercing themselves, you must choose piercing artist or friend to get it done safely if you are not confident or skilled. Besides, it is not easy for you to locate the right spot. A slight error can damage your skin. Why take a chance? Seek always professional services to reduce the risks of piercing.

Final Thought:

So, this was essential information about tragus piercing which cover everything you wanted to know. Keep 2 things in mind before having any type of piercing—precautions and expert.






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