Top Tattoo Trends for Men in 2017:

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Series 1Top Tattoo Trends for Men in 2017

With 2017 round the corner, there are numerous tattoo trends popping up in the fashion scene, from hairstyles to new dresses. And tattoos are no exception! Like 2016, you can expect awesome styles this coming year, which can be unique or the modern twist to the older styles. Read here our speculation about the top tattoo styles that will rule 2017. To cover this exhaustive list generating from our “research” and trends, we have divided the tattoo styles for men and women for 2017 in two parts.

Let’s start with the tattoo series for the man first!

Chest Tattoo Ideas for Men:

 Chest tattoos will be in trend in coming year. Here we have picked best tattoo styles for the chest you can try in 2017:

Tribal Tattoos:            

 We have seen lots of tribal tattoos in 2016. And the rage will be continued in 2017.

Biomechanical Tattoos:

They are awesome tattoo styles for men and look like 3D tattoos.

Angel Tattoos:

If you want to reveal your gentle side, you can try angel tattoos.

Arm Tattoo Ideas for Men:

Arm tattoos have been in constant rage for years. Know here which arm tattoos are likely to rock the coming year.

Quote Tattoos:

Quote tattoos are not adorable, but also convey your thoughts and ideas. 

Compass Tattoos:

Compass tattoos look cool and go well with the modern style. Whether you’re seaman, surfer or student, compass tattoos are meant for everyone. There are plethora of styles like compass and anchor, compass rose tattoo, compass rose anchor, nautical star compass and many more to choose from.

Tribal Arm Tattoo:

Tribal arm tattoos have always been a popular choice because of the masculine vibes they create.

Shoulder Tattoo Ideas for Men:

Shoulder tattoos come in various styles, designs, shapes and sizes. They best complement your arm and chest tattoos. The popular shoulder tattoo ideas for 2017 would include geometric, tribal, to koi, wings, bones and clocks.

Text Tattoos:

The width of the shoulders provides plenty of room to write message or phrase. Get it started with typewriter and lowercase letters.

Eagle Tattoos:

Eagle tattoo is an awesome shoulder design to die for. This is because of the depth and details.

So, these are the cool tattoo styles for the men that are expected to be the big trend among tattoo enthusiast in 2017. To know about the top tattoo trends for women in 2017, click here. 

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