Top Tattoo Styles of 2016

January 02, 2017   427

From geometric tattoos to the Samoan tattoos, here we have listed the top tattoo trends that have rocked the year 2016.Top Tattoo Styles of 2016

Tiny Tattoos:

Minimal tattoos have been in constant rage throughout the year amidst the excitement of big and loud tattoos. Some of the popular minimal tattoo styles are semi-colons, little hearts, anchors, birds, and skull to phrases. They are less painful and occupy little area on your skin. The hotspots of getting tiny tattoos are wrists, ankles, back of shoulder and fingers.

Watercolor Tattoos:

Watercolor tattoos are identical to sketching, making them different from the traditional pigmented tattooing. Most artists find it tricky because of the involvement of the contrasts and shades. Therefore, make sure you choose an experienced artist for making watercolour tattoos.

Geometric Tattoos:

Geometric tattoos are the breakthrough tattoo style that has been quite popular in 2016. They are cool because of their gothic, mysterious and symbolic appearance. Moreover, these tattoos show the methodology of perfection and symmetry.  You can get them on arms, ribs and wrists.

Samoan Tattoos:

Samoan tattoos are one of the cool styles that have ruled the year so far. Samoan tattoos are liked for their large and tribal designs made with black ink. They are the original tattoo style started by the Samoan or Polynesian tribes some thousands of years ago. Some of the popular tattoo styles are sun, turtle and Marquesan cross which are made on the arms, shoulders and legs.

Fine Line Black and Grey:

Fine line black and grey tattoos look adorable and mysterious at the same time. They are less painful as they are made with relatively mild penetration. This is why a beginner, especially with low pain threshold, can start with fine line black and grey tattoos.

So, this is all about the tattoo styles that have rocked 2016 A.D. If you like to have one of them, you can use Dr. Numb numbing cream to make your tattoo process less painful.

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