Top Tattoo Questions Being Asked in 2016 So Far…..

November 10, 2016   359

Our mailbox is always loaded with your tattoo queries. With tattoo being the complicated and critical body art, it is obvious to have many things in mind before and after having your tattoos. Here, we have rounded up the top questions we’ve been asked in 2016 so far.

Questions About Tattoo

Can I shave over a tattoo?

You can shave over your tattoo only if it is healed completely. Don’t try to shave over your new or unhealed tattoo. If you have a fresh tattoo, you must be focus on the healing and the aftercare. Generally, it will take 2-3 weeks for the complete healing of the tattoo, before that avoid gliding razor over your skin.

I have freckles. Can I have tattoo over them?

Yes, you can get tattoo over your freckles, but that depends on your freckle’s color, skin complexion, and ink color. If you’re still conscious, you can ask your tattoo artist.

Can I Have Tattoo Over Scar?

Well, it depends on the scar and person. There are lot of considerations regarding scar’s age and type, and ink pigment. If your tattoo artist thinks that he can’t give the best shot over a scar, he may likely go for some alternations in the design.

When to Go For Tattoo Cover Up After Getting a Tattoo?

Wait till your tattoo is healed completely. It may take 2 months for a complete healing process though the outer surface is healed within 2-3 weeks.

How Numbing Cream is Useful to Ease Pain in Tattooing?

Using numbing cream is helpful if you have low pain threshold or having a fear of the needles. Numbing cream like Dr. Numb blocks your pain signal from being delivered to the brain. Make sure to use Dr. Numb numbing cream one hour prior to your tattoo session.

How to Take Care of My New Tattoos?

Your tattoo artist will give you aftercare tips intended to avoid several risks like infections, ink fading, scabs enlargements, and skin issues. The tattoos aftercare instructions may vary by artist and your tattoo size and placement. The common aftercare tips you must keep in mind are:

  • Skip swimming and sun tanning for 2-3 weeks
  • Clean your tattoo with antibacterial soap
  • Avoid picking or scratching over your new tattoo
  • Don’t use ointment over your tattoo, which is other than the one given by your artist.

So, these are the most asked questions we receive this year so far. If you have any doubt or query please mail us or write below in the comment box.

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