Top Tattoo Destinations in the USA!

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Here we have listed the top tattoo places in the USA according to the ratio of tattoo shops per 100,000 people.Top Tattoo Destinations in the USA!

Tattoos have become the mainstream part of American culture. Every 3 in 10 persons have a tattoo! Even professionals like doctors, technicians and chefs have a tattoo on their skin. Such enthusiasm for tattoos has translated into a boom for a tattoo industry. It is no surprise to see hundreds of tattoo parlors in the any US city.

Here we have listed such cities in our blog to make you aware of the top tattoo destinations in the USA. Let’s find out.

Miami Beach, Florida:

Miami Beach, Florida tops the list for many reasons. Being a beach area and cool hangout spot, the tattoo industry has flourished here over the decades. South Beach is a popular tattoo hub with plethora of tattoo shops over there. In Miami, there are 24 shops per 100,000 people. And one more striking feature about this party town is that it is a home of TLC’s popular show Miami Ink.

Las Vegas, Nevada:

Besides gambling, parties and fun, the Sin City is popular for its ink arts on the skin. The city houses over 90 tattoo shops and is the host of one of the biggest tattoo conventions in the nation. There are more than 16 tattoo shops per 100,000 people, most of them are millennial.

Richmond, Virginia:

You wonder how Richmond can make the list. Though the city has 15 tattoo shops per 100,000 people, it’s surrounding areas house plethora of tattoo shops.

Flint, Michigan:

The city is best known as the birthplace of General Motors. It is the home of notable people from sports, theaters and music bands. The next thing will make it popular is its most tattoo shops per capita. Tattooing is popular among every age group, especially among those belonging to 20s-40s age groups.

Portland, Oregon:

Portland has more tattoo shops per capita, as 12 tattoo shops per 100,000 people. Besides being known as the most “Greenest” city in the USA, The City of Roses is popular for its huge arts and crafts community. The rock music icons and hip hop artists have inspired people to get a tattoo with their fascination body arts.

San Francisco, California:

Once the “haven” for tattoo lovers during 60’s, the bay area has also been mentioned as only American places in Matador Nights “Five Destination for the Tattooed Traveler”. The tattoo city has 7 tattoo parlors per 100,000 people.

So, it was the compilation of the best tattoo cities in the USA.



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