Top Solution to Overcome Anal Itch at Home!

December 19, 2016   2287

If you have recently encountered the problem of itching in the anal area, you need not feel embarrassed. You are not alone and there are millions of people across the world, suffering from similar embarrassing condition, medically known as pruritus ani. Don’t worry; here are some cures to your problem, read on.

Top Solution to Overcome Anal Itch at Home!

Pruritus Ani or better say, anal itching is referred to irritation of the skin which is generally caused at the exit of the rectum. As it occurs near the anus and is accompanied by the desire to scratch, the name arrives, anal itch.

Strangely it is a very common ailment, but the problem is that regardless of this, people feel uncomfortable talking about it publicly. They feel ashamed of sharing about their problem which often leads to severity of problem.

As far as itching is considered, it may be a reaction to chemicals in the stool or any other reason causing inflammation in the anal area. You can learn about the different causes in the last post. If you are suffering from the same, regardless of the intensity of anal itching or the amount of inflammation, it is essential to find out some ways to treat the problem. Here are some solutions you can try on;

Initial treatment…

The very first symptom of this problem is simple itching. If not paid attention to this, it will be directed toward the burning sensation and soreness. To start with the treatment process, it is first important to clean and dry the anus thoroughly. You have to be very careful. Strictly avoid leaving soap in the anal area.

Cleaning with care…

In the cleaning efforts;

  • Include a gentle showering gel based solution
  • Avoid direct rubbing, you can use a soft cloth or towel to stop irritation of the skin
  • Use lukewarm water to wash off your skin gently
  • When done with cleaning, use a washcloth or towel to dry you skin

Be gentle…

Remember, after bowel movements you need to clean the area with moist pads. You can use flushable moist wipes, baby wipes, or anal cleansing wipes, whichever is easily available. Avoid using toilet paper to clean the anal area. Also, if you feel there is constant moisture present in the anus, make sure you clean the anus with moist pads.

Local anesthetics…

To relieve temporary pain, burning, and itching at the nerve endings, you can use a numbing solution. For example- Dr. Numb, which is one of the best topical anesthetic solutions available over the counter. It carries 5% lidocaine and several natural ingredients which make it perfect to treat itching gently. You can apply it to the perianal area and lower anal canal. Don’t go for any other local anesthetics which come at little low price.  This can cause allergic reactions with burning and itching.

Besides, a change in your diet is also required. Avoid highly spicy and junk foods. Keep your body hydrated and say no to anal itching!

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