Top 8 Botox Myths Busted

October 10, 2015   1204

Are you making some plan on getting Botox? Well, it is a method opted by those who wish to look younger for long. But, there is a lot to consider before you proceed. And you will also confront with several myths regarding Botox treatment. Find few of them here.

Botox Myths Busted

Botox treatment is becoming highly popular these days. Well known to be the fastest and easiest way of restoring a more youthful look, it is said to reduce several signs of aging like wrinkles, deep lines and many more. But, the botox treatment had been surrounded by several questions, especially regarding it safety.
For the last two years, I have been getting Botox injections regularly. To my surprise, it has worked very well for me. However, I have gone through a lot more trial and error method in searching the right aesthetician. But, for whatever I paid, I have received satisfactory results. As soon as I turned 40, I went for a touch between my brows on my forehead. The procedure worked for me and within a week I looked fantastic. The treatment lifted the eyebrows naturally.
While you are thinking for the same, there are some myths and fact you need to learn. Have a look here:

Myth: Botox will infect other body parts
Fact: This one is completely wrong. Botox is designed in a manner to focus and react on the particular area, where it is injected. Hence, it doesn’t move more than a centimeter of the injected surface. Thus, if you got Botox for the eyes, surely it is not moving to your hands.

Myth: Botox lasts forever
Fact: If you are planning for Botox just because you think is permanent, then you need to know that it is not everlasting. Yes, it will last for maximum five to eight months, depending on the dose and area. But, definitely it is not going to last forever.

Myth: Botox turns you emotionless.
Fact: There is often a misconception that after a Botox treatment, you fail to give any expression. If you too think the same, then this is not definitely true. When done properly and naturally, it just makes you feel great and gives you complete freedom to express your emotions. Hence, don’t worry for this. You can easily smile or express the emotion of happiness even after getting injected.

Myth: Botox gives you an unnatural look
Fact: Don’t fret over this myth at all. Rumors for unnatural look after Botox treatment are old. The fact is far away. Just be careful while choosing the surgeon. An expert doctor with sufficient experience will know inject the right dosage, which will never make you look unnatural.

Myth: Botox is similar to the dermal fillers
Fact: Although both treatments are known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, yet the procedures are greatly different treatments. Even they function in an entirely different manner. While Botox treatment eases the muscles, which are known to cause wrinkles, on the other hand the dermal fillers boosts the volume of facial tissues and restores the youthful appearance.

Myth: Botox is highly toxic
Fact: This one is surely a major myth. Botox is considered to be harmful for the face but it is not true. For years, this method has been recommended by the doctors and if it was harmful, they wouldn’t have injected anything into your body which is harmful. All that matters is the right proportions. Similar to other drugs, if done with proper attention, Botox is safe.

Myth: Botox is extremely painful
Fact: If a needle is injected it will definitely pain, but that doesn’t make Botox injections too painful. Just like any other treatment, for example, dermal fillers, it causes pain which is manageable. In fact it is a quite simple and quick procedure.

Myth: Botox makes you addicted
Fact: The myth that Botox will make you all crazy and addicted is false. Yes, you might not want to stop getting the treatment because you may love the fabulous look, but you can always stop if you feel like without any negative effects on the skin.

Before you start with the treatment, make sure you let the doctor know if you have been recently injected. Excess of everything is bad and getting too much Botox will leave your skin damaged. If you want expected results to appear, you need to be little more careful!

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