Top 6 Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hairs

November 09, 2016   830

Want to get rid of body hair? Explore the best ideas and the related information here.

Body Hairs Removal Methods

Unwanted body hair causes problem to both men and women. While men are embarrassed due to excess of hair on their back or chest, on the other hand women are unhappy with their arm and facial hair. While there are so many different types of hair removal processes, it often becomes difficult to choose which one is best or which will be more cost effective. So, here is a complete guide illustrating the different methods to get rid of those unwanted hair. Read on:


It is one of the oldest methods and is said to be similar to waxing. The meaning simply arrives from name. It involves a sugar-containing paste or gel which works by applying the solution to your skin. Now depending on the type, it can be removed with or against hair growth. This is done to pull the hair out by the root. Being an all-natural process, you can even make this at home.

How much it hurt?

While the hair is still being pulled out, it will cause some amount of pain. However, because the paste doesn’t stick to the skin itself, it is reportedly bearable. After using this technique, it usually takes three to six weeks for hair to grow back.

Cost Factor: When done professionally, sugaring costs bit higher. For this, you can buy sugaring kits and do the task yourself.

Depilatory Creams:

These creams are easily available over the counter and they work by dissolving the hair. While using them, you need to smear them on in thick layers over the desired area. Just leave them for a few minutes and then you can wipe off. Typically these creams remove hair at, or slightly below the skin level. As far as effectiveness is concerned, these are not a preferred choice when it comes to coarser hair. Also, as they carry chemicals, they can have a somewhat offensive odor, which might not be acceptable for many.


How much it hurt?

The good thing about depilatories is that these causes a slight tingling sensation, and are typically painless. In case, you are experiencing some pain or a burning sensation, immediately stop using them and wash it off. This indicates that your skin is either too sensitive or you’ve left the product on too long.

Cost Factor: Depilatory creams are affordable and can be purchased from any drugstore.


Probably you might be familiar with this option. Actually, why it is not preferred over other methods is that works by cutting off the hair at skin-level. As the hair is only removed at skin-level, it is not treated to be an efficient method. Usually, your hair grows back in one to three days.

How much it hurt?

Though shaving is painless, but only till the time as long as you are careful to not cut or nick yourself. Yes, you need to make sure that you use a proper shaving cream or oil and sharp blades. This doesn’t assure painless treatment, but can decrease the chance of having razor burn or any other post-shave irritations.

Cost Factor: It is not very expensive. A razor cost very nominal and depending on what type and how many blades you prefer, you can adjust your budget.

Hair removal procedures are said to be time-consuming, expensive, and painful. Well, you have many choices among the above mentioned ones, and the three more which will be updated in the upcoming post. As far as pain is considered, you can use Dr. Numb. Being a lidocaine based topical anesthetic cream it helps keep pain away from these procedures in an efficient manner.

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