Top 5 Tattoo Ink Brands

October 30, 2014   3707

 A minimum knowledge about the tattoo ink brands comes in handy when someone goes in for getting a tattoo done. Read on to know about the 5 tattoo ink brands that are trusted by tattoo artists all over the world.

Top 5 Tattoo Ink Brands- Dr. Numb

Whenever it comes to one’s skin, everyone wants to go in for the best. While choosing the best skincare products may be an easier task, choosing the best tattoo ink is really difficult. But, nevertheless, one must pay adequate care to it lest their skin may get damaged beyond repair. Here is a list of top 5 tattoo ink brands which are preferred by celebrity tattoo artists—

1. Alla Prima Ink

Obtained from natural and organic pigments, these inks are absolutely vegan-friendly and free of PET plastic, solvents and acrylic. In fact, they are regarded as the most stable pigment-based tattoo ink on the block now.

2. Arcane Tattoo Inks

Made by Josh Carlton and John Montgomery for the new age tattoo artists who preferred using pre-dispersed tattoo inks to the traditional ones, Arcane Tattoo inks are made from organic powdered pigments, much alike the Alla Prima Ink.

3. Bloodline and Skin Candy Tattoo Inks

These are again pre-dispersed inks that distribute evenly throughout the skin. Made in a completely clean, medical grade rooms, these sterile inks are again one of the most preferred ones nowadays.

4. Dynamic Tattoo Inks

This ink has been around since 1990, these inks are very intense. Besides, these pre-dispersed inks disperse evenly on your skin, making the tattoo look tidy and perfect.

5. Eternal Ink

Founded by Terry Welker “Tramp

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