Top 3 Piercing Trends To Hit The World Of Fashion In 2016!

January 29, 2016   1744

Piercing is getting popular day by day. Are you also planning for it? Well, it has become a part of our mainstream culture and there is no surprise that people consider it as a unique fashion statement. Let’s find out the emerging trends of the year, which you can follow. Without a doubt, piercing is one of the most popular form of body art in the world of fashion.

Eyebro Piercing

However, this is not a new form. Having its roots in ancient centuries, this form of body modification has been adorned by ancestors too. Yes, almost all the cultures, one or the other time, have practiced it. While nowadays piercing has evolved significantly and it is extremely widespread in American and Western European culture, reports state that ancient Egypt was probably the first place to go for it. Pierced mummified bodies were found here.

And, yes, it is definitely not about the ear piercing. Fashion savvy people can go to any limits for this body art and they love to have it in unique ways. For the year 2016, you can expect these three to be is hot list. Checkout:

Eyebrow Piercings

When it is about the most popular facial piercing, eyebrow piercing scores higher. Especially, among the men, it is becoming a fashion symbol these days. Thus, you can go for those eyebrow ring or eyebrow studs as your eyebrow-piercing jewelry. And as compared to any other body and facial piercings, it is too fairly modern. Basically, attributed to the rise of punk culture, this is a perfect choice for those who are looking something exclusive.

Celebrities check: Not one not two, there is a long list of stars going crazy for this amazing body art. Whether it the Korn front-man Jonathan Davis or the Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, a number of musicians, actors and various celebrities having eyebrow piercing. Dilana Robichaux, Olivier Dahan, Amy Lee, etc. are few popular names.

Just a note: Though it is the latest addition to the trend list, yet it is important to note here that it can be a little hard to pull off the piercings. Yes, eyebrow piercing is not for a fainthearted. Hence, if you fear for the pain, you can consider other options.

Lip Piercings

Another stunning trend to hit the market with a big bang, lip piercing is becoming a hot choice among both, men and women. This form of body piercing offers you an exotic and adorable impression, which lasts forever. Simply, a lip ring indicates the person’s adventurous nature. And yes, the present generation eagerly wait for the adventurous challenges, that too which make them rank higher in the fashion trend.

Celebrities check:
If you look for the celebrities who opted for lip piercing, the list is endless. From public figures like Damese, actresses like Ashley Green, to number of musicians such as Andy Biersack, Garret Gardner, Josh Farro, and many more went through the needle for professing this style.

Just a note:
In case you are looking for facial piercing, no doubt, lip rings are good. Another reason to go for it is that it is trending quite widely as different celebs seems to take greater interest in this!

Belly Button Piercings

Here comes one of the latest entries in body piercing. The spectacular range of navel ornaments will make you fall in love with this style. Although there are various kinds of navel ornaments, like belly rings, bent barbells, dangling navel rings etc., yet belly buttons have their exceptional presence. The pierced navels first became common in the mainstream in the early ’90s. But now it is back with an entire new look and it is really loved.

Celebrities check:
In 90s it was Christy Turlington to bring it to trends, followed by Britney Spears to be the most frequent celebrity wearer. The other famous names include screen stars like Edy Ganem, Danielle Savre, Alyssa Milano, etc., athletes such as Mandy Minella, Ronda Rousey, Angel Williams, Simon Biles and so on.

For now, these three are the most loved trends for this year. You can pick any, and flaunt your style wherever you go!

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