Tongue Piercing – It is Not the Simple Piercing!

August 20, 2016   1859

Are you looking for a new and amazing body art? Certainly, piercing would be somewhere in the top of the list. You can put your hands on tongue piercing. Just make sure you know enough about it. Here is a detailed guide. Read on.

Venom Bite Tongue Piercing

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Piercings have made their presence felt since ages. At different time, there have been different reasons for which people had got their body pierced. But at times it becomes hard to believe that certain things ever become popular. For example, getting a needle through your tongue!

Yes, it is about the oral piercing, which is already famous and now a part of the mainstream, has become more common in the recent years. Do you know, as per a survey, around 16% of the females and 4% of the males had pierced tongues in a New York university alone?

So, if you are interested in the practice, you need to know that it is more risky than getting an ear pierced. Not everyone can get it done.

Who can’t get their tongue pierced?

Tongue piercing is not meant for everyone. Find out who all cannot go for it;

  • If you have a vein in the wrong place, you cannot have it.Many of you might have a vein directly down the centre of your tongue. Although you might be able to get a piercing when it is done at a slight slant or offset, yet ensure that it doesn’t touch your artery.
  • For the people with certain health conditions, for example sufferer from any form of paralysis, nerve issues, and so on forbids your piercer.
  • Do you have a very short tongue?In case you are unable to stick out your tongue or stick it out very far, it is not for you.
  • For all those who have a lot of webbing, but it shouldn’t have a cut. The reason being, cutting can cause extreme suffocation, swelling, and bleeding. And you must know that it is not legal for anyone other than a medical surgeon in a hospital to cut a tongue, to increase its length.
  • People under the age limit, usually between 14-16 years, must ask the studio before you go. It might vary according to local laws.

Now, when you get a tongue piercing done, it is important to learn what to expect. Let’s divide it into two sections, the one which are normal, and the other which are not so normal. Have a sneak peek;

The Normal Things To Expect:

The very first thing to expect is swelling. It can last for up to two weeks after having the piercing done. Generally,the swelling fills the longer bar and starts reducing after around four days.

  • You might not be able to stick your tongue out fully.
  • In some cases, a small amount of white or very pale yellow pus can come out of the piercing.
  • Discomfort; be ready for this, especially when you eating or talk excessively.
  • A little “run down”; after tongue piercing, swollen glands and tiredness is something you can expect easily. It will make you feel, when your body sees the piercing, like a foreign object and send over the troops to investigate.

Now, the Abnormal Symptoms;

  • Are there any blisters on the tongue? If excess swelling, burning, redness, etc. occur, it is a sign of allergy.
  • Symptoms such as vomiting,fever, chills, nausea, flu, etc. can be dangerous.
  • If excess of bleeding occurs, you need to worry.
  • Excessive swelling is not acceptable. In any case, it gets worse even after four days, you need to consult your artist and a doctor.
  • Do your feel difficult to breathe? It is a matter to concern.
  • As stated above about the pus, if it turns dark brown, green or yellow pus, especially with an odour, it can be some infection.
  • Swelling in the throat and speech impediments needs your attention.

So, if you go for tongue piercing and have any of the abnormal symptoms mentioned above, you need to speak to the piercer. If advised go to the hospital if they advise.

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