Tips for Getting an Awesome Full Back Tattoo

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Here we will help you keep the things right so that you end up with an amazing back tattoo.

Tips for Getting an Awesome Full Back Tattoo

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Full back tattoos are truly spectacular, whether they are classic black or done in a green color.

But you should be careful while getting a back tattoo. This is because it is done on the largest piece of skin that is your back. It means that the tattoo you get will matter on a larger skin. For example, whereas a gorgeous back tattoo will earn you kudos, a poorly done tattoo makes your back look “messy”. Therefore, you should plan everything before your appointment. Think about which design will look great. Which ink color is right for your back tattoo? Don’t worry!

Here we will help you keep the things right so that you end up with an amazing back tattoo.


First of all, ponder over the design you want to have on your back. There are plenty of designs to choose from. From ornate elephant, passionflower, butterfly, skeleton, 3D tattoos, phrases, tribal and mandala to abstract angel, the world of back tattoos is full of plenty of designs. Or you can explore the Internet for back tattoos. Whatever you choose, make sure it goes with your taste. It is not a good thing to waste your “largest canvas” for an ugly tattoo design.


Given that back tattoos should be chosen carefully, spending a lot of time with the tattoo artist to make informed decisions regarding shading, detailing and prices.


How a tattoo will look on your back? The best way to know it beforehand is to get it as a sketch. It lets you see how the tattoo designs will work together aesthetically. Besides, it will let you make any amendment in the design.

But the design is not alone enough to get an accurate idea. You have to go extra miles (which pays you in the long run). How will you cover the spaces? Some filler ideas are color shading, stars, abstract designs and clouds. Make sure the filler match the rest of your back tattoo. Besides, ask yourself if you want to fill the space you may want inked in the future.


While this may be your personal choice, you need to pick the one depends on your skin color, the versatility and longevity of the pigments, sun exposure and your skin’s reaction to the ink. For example, black color tattoo are easy to remove and easier to maintain than color tattoos.

Color tattoos, on the other hand, are vibrant and attractive. But there is a big catch—they are not good for sun exposure. Yellow, green, and orange colors are the tough to remove (even with laser), thereby not a good choice if you may require to remove them in future. White ink fades the fast.

Choose an Experienced Tattoo Artist:

Not all tattoo artists have expertise in full back tattoos. Therefore, you need to find experienced tattoo artist. Otherwise, there is a great risk of poor design or skin complications with inexperienced tattoo artist. In simple words, it all depends on your selection of tattoo artist whether you get tattoo regret or a fantastic tattoo. Therefore, you must do research to end up with a good tattoo artist.

Explore the Internet or ask someone who has got a back tattoo recently. Here are some tips to dig further to end up with an experienced tattoo artist:

  • How long he has been in business?
  • Is he certified?
  • What other clients has to say about him?
  • Does he carry a portfolio?
  • What about his refund or guarantee policy for his work?

Numbing Cream is Must:

Getting a back tattoo means your entire back would be penetrated with the needles for a couple of hours. The needle will pierce the skin anywhere between 50 and 3,000 times per minute in the process. No brainer that the process is quite painful, especially if you have a low pain threshold.

On the top of that, the needle is likely to strike over your boney areas like the spine, which hurts a lot as there is no muscle cushion. Imagine what happens if you are skinny. And you need to be under the needles for couple of hours.

This is why you should use a numbing cream before getting a full back tattoo. Numbing cream is a topical anesthetic which desensitizes the skin against pain or sensation. In other words, it dulls your pain receptors. The numbing effect lasts up to 2-3 hours. It is used like any ordinary skin cream.

However, like back tattoos, you should choose a numbing cream carefully.

Not all creams ensure strong numbing effects. Some numbing creams are so mild that they can’t keep the skin dull. Make sure that your numbing cream has 5% lidocaine and is water based. Dr. Numb numbing cream is widely recommended and the largest selling numbing cream in the world. It numbs your skin efficiently, without any side effect.

One more thing—always follow the instructions given on the pack while using a numbing cream.

(CAUTION: Don’t apply numbing cream on the broken skin. Avoid it if you have health condition or are allergic to lidocaine (consult your doctor in this scenario.)

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